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01/03/2017 20:14:20 •••

Worth It.

I entered the theater with extremely low expectations.

  • Pros:
    • Fassbender, Irons, and Cotillard do excellently. As mentioned in the Cons, Fassbender is especially good due to the lack of character he gets.
    • Nice cinematography.
    • Stunt work is beautiful.
    • Some of the fight scenes were pretty good. I'll give special points to the Mirror Match between Aguilar and Callum.
    • Not very dreary compared to what I expected.

  • Cons:
    • Characterization is nonexistent. Sofia is the only character that feels like a character, not a setpiece. Fassbender's character is especially bland, despite the "Character Development" he supposedly receives.
    • The film's writing is mediocre.
    • Jump cuts. Too many. They interrupt the action.

Overall, this and Warcraft had the opposite issue: Warcraft aimed too big, this aimed too small. This had excellent human actors, but little character, whereas, once again, opposite issue.

Same rating as Warcraft, too: 7/10. Worth It. Just wait for the DVD, don't see it in theaters.

Oh, and them including the Fingore that rarely gets a mention in the games now deserves half a point, so 7.5.

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