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Feb 5th 2012 at 12:27:31 PM •••

I don't think the following is accurate:

  • Five-Man Band: Team GUTS
    • The Captain: Megumi Iruma, first (may be the only?) female captain in the franchise. Calm, brave, and loyal to her subordinates.
    • The Lancer: Deputy Captain Munakata, a level-headed teetotaler
    • The Big Guy: Shinjoh and Rena
    • The Smart Guy: Horii, plump, stoic and focused, the team gadgeteer played for laughs
    • The Chick: Yasumi, the youngest team member, a guy barely out of his teens who operates computers and communications equipment
    • The Hero: Daigo Madoka, who inherited the light to become Tiga

The Captain is not a Five-Man Band trope, and I don't know of Yazumi being somebody who resolves conflict within the group itself, so I don't think he's The Chick. Maybe Chain of Command instead?

Jan 26th 2012 at 11:19:28 AM •••

There are some problems with the intro section.


30 million years ago, beings of light came to Earth during mankind's infancy. Seeing the potential for humanity to become superior beings amongst the galaxy, the beings of light set up a colony to help and guide humanity. The beings of light also neutralize and control a horde of giant monsters who once roamed the Earth with their destructive ways. Using their powers, the beings of light either destroyed the monsters or tamed them, allowing humans to live with no fear of predators.

Malevolent factions within the colony began to oppose their own kind, stressing that they should remain the superior race and to subjugate humanity lest they rise and overtake them. A civil war erupts, destroying the colony and the beings of light, and regresses humanity to the point that it will take millenia for humans to achieve powers beyond their scope.

Um, spoiler much?

And this:

T.P.C. itself forms G.U.T.S.óGlobal Unlimited Task Squad, a strike team made up of combat specialists to counter the monsters if no other option but force is warranted.

Yeah, G.U.T.S had been around since before the beginning of the first episode, which (I think) was before the monsters became an actual threat. They also were not a purely combat group. They did investigations too. Plus, at first they didn't actually have weapons to use against monsters.

So yeah, they're not exactly "a strike team made up of combat specialists to counter the monsters if no other option but force is warranted". Especially not when they were first formed. Plus, that "if no other option but force is warranted" is inaccurate, as they also did investigation and didn't just fight the monsters.

Note:Feel free to correct me if something I'm saying is inaccurate.

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