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Sep 23rd 2016 at 9:29:29 AM •••

So since this trope was launched I've noticed that it's a

The trope was named and designed based on the Cracked article in the page quote, which featured a protagonist's wife. However, it seems that the trope isn't just limited to love interests and wives. For example, I've noticed Maddie Cho from Totally Awesome Hulk is this type of character (constantly nagging her brother about being careful with his powers) and another non-LI example was added not long ago.

I brought it up on Ask The Tropers and they suggested I bring it to the Discussion and possibly send the trope back to Trope Launch Pad. So, that's what I'm here to discuss.

Jul 15th 2015 at 4:56:33 AM •••

You're literally playing with fire choosing THAT particular page pic, and the Sarcasm Mode caption just makes it worse; fans "not wanting to see Spidey as a grown up and married father" was Joe Quesada's justification for the execrable One More Day which split the entire Spider-fanbase so choosing that particular image is practically Flame Bait.

Actually, bugger it; I'm removing it for the time being. It really does seem almost calculated to upset fans of the Spider-marriage, of which there are a not-inconsiderable number.

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Jul 15th 2015 at 5:27:37 AM •••

Literally playing with fire.

Anyhoo, I'm restoring it for the time being. I agree it's a bad image, but that's no excuse for breaking protocols.

Jul 17th 2015 at 7:56:54 PM •••

Why is it better to keep a Flame Bait image for the time being rather than remove it, even if you agree it's a bad image? I thought the idea was to REMOVE things that are potentially upsetting to be on the safe side, not LEAVE them "to be on the safe side"?

Can we at least change the snarky "Joe Quesada was right and the marriage sucks"-esque caption?

Jul 17th 2015 at 9:34:56 PM •••

Hi. I'm the one who added the picture and the caption, as well as the creator of the trope itself. You're making a lot of assumptions, here.

I added the picture because the dialogue perfectly encapsulates the feminine stereotype. I am indifferent to Spiderman's marriage to Mary Jane, but that scene was almost word-for-word everything this trope is about. The caption, I admit, may be overly snarky, but my intention was to demonstrate why characterizing a female character in such a way may have a negative reaction. I'm aware that reaction to Renew Your Vows has been positive thus, but that's irrelevant here.

Jul 18th 2015 at 1:27:09 PM •••

^^ Because we have rules and large actions like this are decided by consensus, not by the whims of a single guy. It's your opinion that it's flame bait, but given it's never come up before, I'm not sure how true that is.

Its biggest problem is it's mostly text. It doesn't do much that a quote couldn't do, aside from showing the wife and child. Which personally makes it just better than nothing, in my opinion.

Jul 19th 2015 at 7:54:03 PM •••

I'm sorry, but I don't believe you. The Sarcasm Mode caption seems calculated to imply "Quesada was right", practically designed to piss people off. And even if you don't have any particular opinion on the Spider-Marriage, it's still a staggeringly tactless image choice and in my opinion is much worse than nothing.

If you're wondering why it doesn't seem to have come up before, I'd suggest that it's just not a very recognised trope. I only became aware of it recently when I first saw the link in Chi-Chi's character entry on the Dragon Ball Z characters page for supporting characters, and I'm pretty sure it was a fairly recent addition because I'd looked at her entry a short while ago and didn't notice it. Anyway I followed the link to the trope page, took one look at the image and caption and my immediate reaction was "SCREW YOU!"

Incidentally, I'm rather annoyed that you tell me I can't change it without bringing the discussion to the Image Picking forum, I do just that, and then no-one opens the topic for discussion.

Jul 19th 2015 at 8:40:15 PM •••

Sooo, you admit that this entire thing is basically your reaction and opinion? It's fine that you make assumptions about me and my intentions when I uploaded the picture, but you (thus far, the sole person to make assumptions and complaints about this issue) are a reliable party?

You flat out admit that you have more of a personal stake in this than anyone else involved—including me, and I added the picture. I mean seriously, if any one person's self-admitted extreme opinion dictates what's too "Flame Bait"-y to include on a page, a Creationist could try to get Evolving Attack renamed because it's "literally playing with fire".

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