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May 12th 2017 at 7:02:13 PM •••

Shipping Goggles are definitely a thing, but there are other goggles that aren't related to shipping. Is it worth creating a more generic listing for Fanon Goggles? And if so, should they replace Shipping Goggles or be a separate, additional listing?

Jul 11th 2012 at 6:06:33 AM •••

Should the "Seddie" item still be here since they did become a canon couple? Note that I'm not a Seddie shipper myself so I'm not being partisan. I always shipped Cam.

Mar 2nd 2011 at 11:41:48 PM •••

Anybody have a link or know the titles to these Zutara documentaries mentioned under Avatar? I'm interested in seeing them

Feb 18th 2011 at 3:05:27 PM •••

I'm not sure this is the best page quote for the trope. While it's a nice description of the trope, there were some pretty tender moments between Raven and Beast Boy, and it sounds to me like David Slack is trying to pass off Relationship Writing Fumble as Shipping Goggles.

Feb 17th 2011 at 4:11:31 PM •••

Never mind, happened upon the trope's opposite following a link from this very page.

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Mar 16th 2010 at 5:19:50 PM •••

Took this off after seeing the EPIC splooge that the author of this... "bit" left in the Star-Crossed Lovers old discussion page. Can someone rewrite it with less rabid Sess/Rin hatred? I dislike Sess/Rin myself, but SHEESH.

  • Sesshoumaru/Rin shippers of Inuyasha often spin around the smallest, most minor things such as kimonos to try to justify their pairing as canon, completely ignoring the fact that Takahashi has portrayed these kinds of relationships as laughable in the past (with Miroku and Koharu - and even before then with Dr. Tofu and Akane) and the fact that Rin herself supports Sesshoumaru/Kagura, those being very obvious signs that this is not a romantic pairing but a platonic one. They've even been known to say that Sesshomaru is courting Rin by giving her a kimono, ignoring the fact that as her guardian, he is SUPPOSED to provide for her since she's living with Kaede-who can only provide miko robes-and that the manga clearly stated she's there to learn to live with humans, which she would never have to do if she was ever meant to return to his side.
    • Also note the same people tend to have on Anti Goggles for Sesshomaru's canon romantic love interest, Kagura.

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Sep 30th 2010 at 4:05:01 PM •••

What rabid hatred? Seems like she's pointing out reality to me. Maybe you're not too active in the fandom, but trust me, all that is true.

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