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Mar 20th 2021 at 10:26:37 AM •••

Previous Trope Repair Shop thread: Misused, started by KarjamP on Nov 27th 2014 at 12:23:48 PM

Mar 20th 2021 at 6:54:18 AM •••

Previous Trope Repair Shop thread: Not Tropeworthy, started by iamconstantine on Dec 13th 2020 at 5:46:51 AM

Dec 30th 2020 at 12:14:52 PM •••

I think updating the Example as a Thesis to change the reference might be controversial given some Alias fans are still around here.

May 11th 2020 at 9:15:47 PM •••

I doubt anybody knows what Alias even is nowadays, hence why I feel the header reference is a bit outdated.

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Jul 8th 2020 at 6:25:07 PM •••

Yet we are forced to keep it because "It ties into a joke, and if it we changed it it the joke would be ruined!"

Oct 19th 2020 at 12:28:16 PM •••

I think I have a solution:

"Half an hour after the show is over, a random viewer is staring into his refrigerator, vaguely bemused by the fact that his six-pack of beer has somehow become a two-pack of beer. Rather than work out how this might have happened, it occurs to him to wonder how in the hell Zordon thought recruiting a bunch of teenagers was a viable option for getting help to save the world rather than hiring expert martial artists or trained mercenaries. It didn't bother him during the show. It wasn't until he discovered he was running short of beer that it became an issue.

Fridge Logic has been the writer's-room term for these little Internal Consistency issues for a good while, as in "Don't sweat the Fridge Logic, we've got bigger fish to fry. We've only got 20 minutes left to slam together the first stages of a soon-to-be Story Arc." It refers to some illogical or implausible plot point that the audience doesn't realize during the show, but only long afterwards. This naming is highly subjective, since not every person follows the same train of thought. Some people will never even realise there was a problem, while others will call it a Plot Hole, since they already noticed the problem during the show."

There, no more references to a forgotten show!

Oct 19th 2020 at 4:41:08 PM •••

Please check your assumptions. MMPR went off the air in 1996, Alias more recently, in 2006. One was a kid's show that no one over say 25 knows anything about at all. The other was a main stream ratings powerhouse with many millions pulled per show, in all demographics.

Also see sinkhole, which talks about hiding important information under a link.

Nov 7th 2020 at 12:18:03 PM •••

Then how about a reference to The Simpsons or something? Would that work since that's still well-known?

Oh, and your argument is partially invalid since Alias was a "main stream ratings powerhouse with many millions pulled per show, in all demographics" in the mid-2000s. And please care to explain why the Periphery Demographic for Power Rangers even exists?

Nov 24th 2020 at 2:06:06 PM •••

Oh, and Mr. Eyebones, check YOUR assumptions. It seems your idea of "well-known" is: Ratings Success = Well-Known and Beloved Kids Show = Obscure

Oct 9th 2019 at 12:09:18 PM •••

What is the difference between these three?

Sep 19th 2018 at 1:56:06 AM •••

One thing that I wasn't clear on was whether "Fridge Logic" is considered to be a good thing, bad thing, or necessary thing. My reading of it is that an author is hoping that an inconsistency which they can't avoid will go unnoticed until after the show is over, and thus not spoil the show for the audience. Thus, it is a necessary tool of authors. A different interpretation is that *this inconsistency will only temporarily go unnoticed, but will still bug people later," i.e. "Fridge Logic" is bad (and should be avoided). Or, a person could see this as, "this inconsistency will give people something to think about after the show itself is over." and thus fridge logic could be perceived as good.

Oct 4th 2016 at 12:53:23 PM •••

Instead of just the "No examples, please" could this page not be made into (or link to) an index of Fridge pages?

Edited by TheLyniezian
Mar 10th 2016 at 6:20:17 AM •••

People are still continually potholing this crap on main and YMMV pages.

Stop doing it.

Jun 19th 2012 at 7:59:41 AM •••

Could it be that this page is itself is an example of Fridge Logic. Because the key point of interest with a fridge is whether the fridge light stays on when the door is closed; the trope is described as realising a plot hole after the event. And actually the two concepts are distinctly different, but somehow you convince yourself they are the same.

I suppose that would require people to often think about this afterwards, which is going to be subjective as noted.

Rather, shouldn't this be; not about when you realise something, which is subjective: But the tactile covering or ignoring of plot holes in the making. More like a refuge in audacity.

Apr 30th 2012 at 10:26:41 PM •••

How come the "Please don't list this as a trope." is hardcoded into the Wiki? Shouldn't the Fridge tropes have its own predefined message?

Feb 20th 2012 at 12:18:35 PM •••

I don't like Fridge Logic. the reason why is what occurs to some people as fridge logic, others pick up on right away, and of course others don't pick up on it at all.

Nov 29th 2011 at 4:15:02 AM •••

I know they aren't allowed on main workpages but what's our stance towards Fridge Logic entries on Character Sheets? I'm not sure if I'm supposed to remove them or not.

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Nov 29th 2011 at 7:38:02 AM •••

Remove them. The only place Fridge Logic goes is on Headscratchers.

Nov 26th 2011 at 9:50:52 PM •••

Can there be an in-universe example of Fridge Logic or the other Fridges?

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Apr 12th 2012 at 10:55:34 AM •••

Of course, if a character suddenly realises what was wrong with that picture that was shot of him and the easter bunny when he was 4...

Nov 10th 2011 at 8:16:51 PM •••

There is a questionable assertion in the passage about Harlan Ellison's "Repent, Harlequin", specificially, where it says:

"It's only after the story has been read that the average reader thinks 'Where the heck did he get the jellybeans?'"

In fact, the narrator of the story asks this very question in the story itself. To paraphrase, it goes something like "Wait a second—a second accounted for—where did he even _get_ the jellybeans? No one has even _made_ jellybeans for over a hundred years!" So it would seem to be impossible for this question _not_ to occur to the reader.

Aug 23rd 2011 at 6:15:10 AM •••

Would a kind-hearted person explain to me how this is different from Non Sequitur, for it's a, well, Fridge Logic to me how TV Tropes can have two pages on same phenomenon?

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Sep 19th 2018 at 1:48:17 AM •••

A non-sequitur is a statement that doesn't follow from another statement. (What's the weather like? - You know, I do like sausages). If a character utters a non-sequitur, but the audience doesn't notice until after the show is over, then that non-sequitur would be an example of Fridge Logic. If the audience notices immediately, then the non-sequitur will likely disrupt their willing suspension of disbelief (unless the show has successfully situated itself as absurdist), and would not be fridge logic. If I understand the meaning of Fridge logic correclty.

Sep 2nd 2010 at 2:47:49 PM •••

Someone with an account that works add this: In an ad for Telus, it celebrates the fact that you can record three shows at once. So, it says you can record a triathalon, three-ring circs and trilogy on neopolitan ice cream all at once. A trilogy has three parts.

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Sep 2nd 2010 at 2:52:33 PM •••

No, because if you read the page you'll see it doesn't have any examples.

And while a trilogy has three parts, they're not all on at the same time. They'd be on one after another, so you could record them all in addition to the other two programs.

Sep 1st 2010 at 5:18:01 PM •••

As this Trope seems to be served by the "Just Bugs Me" pages, why do some articles have "Fridge Logic" entries while others have JBM? There seems to be no need for one if the other is available.

Aug 10th 2010 at 5:33:07 PM •••

Hi, dropping in from other parts of the wiki. I was wondering if the admonition not to post Fridge Logic in main articles could be given more prominence and some stronger language?

May 11th 2010 at 1:17:43 PM •••

Check the archived discussion as to why.

Jun 3rd 2012 at 8:41:08 AM •••

Should we just go and merge Headscratchers with Fridge Logic?

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