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A.K.A. Richard, Rick, Ricky, Spotted Dick, Spaceman, Linoleum, or what you will.

Is a slightly odd thirtysomething bloke from the North-East of England with an equally crazy imagination, though he keeps most of it in his head. He used to be an evangelical Christiannote  up until 2015 but is now an atheist. Has also participated in H2G2, (prior to a self-requested ban), Counter-Factual.Net as well as having a personal blog and another for his attempts at fiction.


The name comes from an imaginary land he created as a boy, and the subject of some of his recent attempts at stort story writing. This place is not an Egopolis, but rather the username is a reference to the fact he sometimes feels like a foreigner in his own country.

Published worksnote  he has written with their own pages, some unfinished, include:

Works without their own pages (yet):

Works pages he has launched include:


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