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Jan 19th 2019 at 1:58:32 AM •••

As noted in ATT discussion, the trope might not apply to these examples as a) they actually get comeuppance and b) the trope only applies when someone gets away with it and no sanctions whatsoever.

  • Sugar rates pretty high as well. Aside from her elimination in the last episode before the finale, she gets no real punishment for any of her actions throughout Pahkitew Island which is shocking considering how she was the arguable main villain and all of them prior to her at least got some form of comeuppance.
  • In the Spin Off Total Drama Presents The Ridonculous Race the Ice Dancers get no comeuppance, other than being forced to watch their sworn enemies (MacArthur and Sanders) compete in the final leg with the Surfer Dudes (Geoff and Brody) upon their elimination from the show. Their lack of actual karma is all the more noticeable considering some of their actions during their time in the race (such as intentionally trying to run Dwayne over in \"My Way or Zimbabwe\"), the fact that the show kept hinting that karma would eventually get them (usually in the form of some of the other victims of their nefarious ways expressing desire in seeing them go down) only to end up not following through on these hints as well as how Josee throws a temper tantrum when they lose resulting in her destroying part of Central Park in the process which at the very least should\'ve gotten her arrested.

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Jan 19th 2019 at 5:57:42 AM •••

I feel like they do count because their punishments were pretty lightweight as the villains in their respective shows (though I personally refuse to classify Sugar as such), that and the fact that non-villainous characters from their seasons got fucked over far worse than they did (Dave in Pahkitew Island and Laurie & Best Friends in The Ridonculous Race).

May 28th 2016 at 3:33:50 PM •••

Please refrain from adding animated series which have not ended, as the page clearly states they are not appropriate to the trope until the series has concluded.

Dec 22nd 2015 at 4:46:56 PM •••

  • However in "Blind Ambition" when Quagmire was trying to spy on Lois using the toilet, he was caught and was actually arrested by the police (this could be the only time he was ever seen arrested for doing anything against the law involving sex) and it results in Lois, Loretta, and Bonnie joining forces to demand his eviction from the neighborhood, but Peter protests and tries to have him reformed. One of the methods involved putting a fan near his dong while looking at pictures of underwear models and the only way to prevent having an erection is to think of things that turn him off.

I took this out of the South Park entry for being a justifying edit.

Dec 22nd 2015 at 4:43:49 PM •••

  • Actually, Word of God says that Darkseid and Luthor became part of the Source Wall, which is made up of the bodies of would-be conquerors and curiosity seekers from all across the universe. They're technically alive, but stuck there for the rest of eternity.

I took this out a DC entry because it seemed to me to be a justifying edit, as opposed to fixing the original example.

Oct 29th 2015 at 4:42:50 PM •••

  • D.W. herself can be this at times as well. Special mention goes to "Arthur's Big Hit", in which she never gets punished for wrecking Arthur's plane, despite his numerous instructions not to. If anything, it's Arthur who seems to be called out for his getting upset at all.

D.W. really can be this at times, but the mentioned example is not an actual example and has inaccurate information. Arthur was not called out by getting upset. He was called by punch D.W. in retribution . This trope is about a character receiving no punishment, not the punishment being portrayed as wrong/out-of-proportion.

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Nov 14th 2014 at 8:08:37 AM •••

Did anyone add Varrick from the Legend of Korra here? He was a jerkass for three seasons straight, and when you think he'd turn over a new leaf, he'd snap back to his old money-making schemes. It wasn't until halfway through Season 4 that Varrick paid for his actions. It is true it was right when he was about to turn good, but still.

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Nov 14th 2014 at 8:24:02 AM •••

Well, considering that season 2 ended with his entire enterprise crumbling and him losing practically everything despite escaping prison, he did get some punishment.

Nov 14th 2014 at 7:56:42 AM •••

  • In the Equestria Girls movies, it's no different. Sunset Shimmer rules the school as the Alpha Bitch until she manages to get her hands on an Element of Harmony, turn into a demonic creature, and make the whole school into her zombie slaves in hopes of going back to Equestria to conquer it. When Sunset Shimmer is hit with the Care-Bear Stare and she returns to her normal form, she says she never had any friends before, and so the rest of the gang forgives her. Yes, that's it. (Okay, there was a lot of property damage done and she's handed a broom.) In the next movie, we do see that she's genuinely changed and hasn't been Easily Forgiven by everyone. However, that film's villains were even worse than Sunset Shimmer had been, and are left free at the end only having lost their powers. Apparently, if you say you're sorry - maybe even if you don't - you'll not get any sort of punishment for the sort of acts that many a Sealed Evil in a Can had been sealed away for. (Of course, when it comes to human world justice, there's no actual law against mass brainwashing...)

As the "she's handed a broom" implies, she was punished- the same thing about the "lost their powers". The description of the trope mentions lack of punishment, not insufficient punishment.

Apr 6th 2013 at 3:01:32 PM •••

Whoever keeps adding D.W. to the page, would you kindly refrain from doing so? Just because she gets away with stuff far too often doesn't make her a Karma Houdini.

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