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As your friendly neighborhood Admin Team, the gang here at TVTropes HQ is always working to improve the site. Many of those improvements begin with suggestions posted right here, on the Community Wishlist. Is there a feature you really want on TVTropes? Post it. Is there something we could be doing better? We want to know. Do you think we look fat in these pants? We were totally afraid of that. See a bug? Report it.

Important things to know:

  • We're all about that content-creation life! The top contenders for our attention are ideas that'll create more content, like the video uploading feature, or speed up launching new pages. On the flip side, design or layout tweaks won't be our top priority.
  • Help us dig through the goldmine of old wishlist items! If you have an old request gathering dust or spot one you're totally on board with, give it a bump and a like. There's a treasure trove of 6+ years' worth of ideas just waiting to be rediscovered. Items without enough love may not make the cut and will be closed.
  • Was your wishlist item locked up without an explanation? It was most likely disapproved or just too big of a task versus the benefit it would ultimately have. Time is precious, and we want to focus on updates with the biggest bang for the buck. Don't be discouraged though! We appreciate every idea and we're always listening.

Make a Tech Wish:

What is your wish for a technical feature to add?

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