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4th Mar, 2021 01:36:50 PM

Haven't seen the show yet, but just going by what is written, the second example is right out, definitely a no. The first sounds like Narm, but without having seen the scene, can't say for sure.

4th Mar, 2021 01:47:46 PM

Indeed, Narm is commonly misused to complain about scenes falling flat. Unfortunately, I have not watched this show, so I can't opine about these specific examples. I suggest you try the cleanup thread.

5th Mar, 2021 09:54:11 AM

As the one who added the second example, I did find it hilarious and I've heard other people express the same opinion.

Edited by Forenperser
5th Mar, 2021 02:24:15 PM

Narm is for heavily emotional or heartbreaking scenes that veer into unintentional comedy. You're still describing an action scene that didn't work for you.

5th Mar, 2021 02:35:53 PM

It's not an "action scene", it's Jordan (who is somebody with severe social anxiety and inner darkness) watching his brother getting beat up and then, in a fit of Traumatic Superpower Awakening, releases a giant freaking red beam of heat vision from his eyes, that explodes right next to a freaking bonfire, with dozens of witnesses.....and somehow, nobody notices it was him. The whole absurdness did veer into unintentional comedy.

maybe the write-up didn't make that clear.

Edited by Forenperser
5th Mar, 2021 02:39:17 PM

Haven't seen the show, but based on what's written, both examples seem legit, especially the second.

5th Mar, 2021 02:55:20 PM

As previously mentioned, we have a cleanup thread.


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