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9th Feb, 2021 02:47:16 PM

It's too early to add that.

Yes, they said it's confirmed, but this wouldn't be the first time that a development company "confirmed" something only to change their mind later.

...and again, this is why I just don't like speculative troping. It causes too many headaches between people fighting over what's confirmed and what isn't, what the trailers really mean, and then when stuff that everyone thought was confirmed ends up not being in the final product then we have to go back and change all the examples over several dozen different pages. I really wish we'd just make it site policy to not add tropes until the work is out.

9th Feb, 2021 03:07:01 PM

^ That sounds extremely boring to me.

The easiest and most sensible fix to me is simply to write examples which state what was shown or said in promotional work or statements. If a developer claims that Game X is going to have 300 endings and cure COVID, then all we have to do is say "In Feb 2021, the developers stated that Game X was going to have 300 endings and cure COVID".

The problem with the above example is simply that it treats what was said as prophecy. Just repeat the promotional material and whatever reaction the audience had, and then call it a day.

Edited by NubianSatyress
9th Feb, 2021 03:20:50 PM

^ I mean, I guess in the same way that taking a nap in your bed instead of in the middle of Interstate 81 is "boring."

The problem with what you're saying is if we add an example like that... then once the work comes out we have to go back and remove all that because it's no longer relevant to anything.

9th Feb, 2021 03:49:35 PM

Even I admit the site gets kinda authoritarian on speculative troping when it comes to trailers and the like... except then I see how much cleanup has to be done because of all the guesswork.

But speculative audience reactions?!? God no. Specifically Tainted by the Preview since you can't be "tainted" by it when it's all that exists. It's like saying a jar of poison is tainted by poison.

9th Feb, 2021 04:03:31 PM

^^ Not really? The statement and the reaction to it still happened. The product itself being different doesn't change history.

9th Feb, 2021 04:07:46 PM

^^ Hey, it was a perfectly good jar, now it's ruined!

But yeah, we should have a list of Audience Reactions that can't be applied until the work comes out.

9th Feb, 2021 04:40:12 PM

^It would be easier to list Audience Reactions allowed for prerelease as almost all other need the final product.

My original question was less is it too soon than is it a fair example given how unrealistic changing the ending would be.

Should it be cut either way?

9th Feb, 2021 04:50:22 PM

So, from what I understand, it was always stated that the "Legendary Edition" was only going to be the first three games, with remastered graphics, and all of the DLC included.

I admit I haven't really followed it that close.... were there really ever that many people who were honestly expecting the kind of major overhauls the example was talking about, and who are now so disappointed?

Edited by Mimic1990
10th Feb, 2021 03:54:38 PM

Unless anyone objects, Iím gonna remove the entry as pre-release and the work never attempting to suggest it would change that causing such complaints to be unfair.


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