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Make Private (For security bugs or stuff only for moderators)

3rd Oct, 2020 12:29:49 PM

As per Handling Spoilers, they're in the wrong. See the very first rule listed.

3rd Oct, 2020 02:29:42 PM

Has ~First Davila been sent any spoiler notifiers?

3rd Oct, 2020 02:31:44 PM

I don't know how to send those

3rd Oct, 2020 02:56:55 PM

Click "Send a Message" under the entry in the Edit History that contains the offending edit. Then pick the notifier from the list that matches the issue you found. You can add additional text for more detail if you want, then click "Send". This will send a premade Private Message plus any additional text you added. Note that PMs are still a little broken currently so the links in the premade part won't work properly like they used to, but the receiver should still understand.

By the way, the URL for an entry's anchor link in the Edit History is actually missing a part; you have manually added "&more=t" before the "#" to get the link to work properly.

Edited by homogenized
3rd Oct, 2020 03:28:21 PM

When an ATT thread is involved, I often include the URL of the thread so they can see it's been brought up elsewhere.

4th Oct, 2020 02:28:11 PM

I sent the notifier. Well see what happens


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