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29th Jun, 2020 10:12:31 AM

I clicked on about two dozen links in the Related, and all examples are in anime & manga folders. So the user probably moved the example to be in line with every other trope. Moving light novel examples to the literature folder is a massive undertaking.

29th Jun, 2020 10:16:59 AM

I know, but I noticed there's a relatively recent trend—since last year—for some tropers to list LN examples to Literature, which causes quite a bit of inconsistency. What's more, in that trope page, all other L Ns are listed with Literature.

29th Jun, 2020 11:11:50 AM

I guess you can move it back to Literature for this trope. It's not a case of only the adaptation applying to the trope, right?

29th Jun, 2020 04:04:54 PM

Tabs: I'm not familiar with that work to answer this question. However, the tone in the work page and its character sheet sounds like it's not adaptation-specific.

29th Jun, 2020 06:28:17 PM

I think it's because not all of the Light Novel has been adapted to Anime, and sometimes people put entries that are only applicable to the LN into Literature.

29th Jun, 2020 08:26:25 PM

I'm pretty sure the policy is that if a trope is applicable to both an original work and its adaptation in another medium, the example on the trope page goes in the folder for the original medium.

So in this case, examples for Durarara!! that aren't exclusively found in the anime should go in the Literature folder.

29th Jun, 2020 11:48:03 PM

The problem is, most light novels don't have official English translations, so that the majority of its fans likely only know the work from its Anime or Manga adaptation.

This phenomenon is not limited to Durarara!!, and I believe most other light novel-based works are listed under Anime & Manga, such as Haruhi Suzumiya, Overlord, The Familiar of Zero, Tora Dora

Edited by Adept
30th Jun, 2020 06:30:13 AM

Yeah. Rightly or wrongly, Light novels are as tied to anime as manga are, since manga and light novels both tend to get anime adaptations down the line. I'd almost wonder if it would be simpler to just expand anime & manga folders to include light novels as well.

Edited by sgamer82
30th Jun, 2020 03:27:27 PM

^ I have wondered this as well.

1st Jul, 2020 07:48:01 AM

Well, most examples are from the manga or anime version in the first place.

Those works are using the LightNovel/ namespace solely on the "first served" rule for namespaces and little else.


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