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27th Jun, 2020 09:54:28 AM

Has a rudeness notifier been sent?

27th Jun, 2020 09:56:15 AM

I'll send one right now.

Edit: Sent

Edited by KToonz
27th Jun, 2020 10:10:24 AM

Thank you muchly. Let's keep an eye on the page and see how things proceed.

27th Jun, 2020 10:48:05 AM

Again, there's no "believe". This is an Edit War, plain and simple.

I've deleted the rude comment, as well as mentioned this query in the edit reason.

27th Jun, 2020 01:53:53 PM

The Broken Base entry needs to be rewritten as it focuses too much on the negatives.

27th Jun, 2020 08:04:20 PM

You can only put up with a single troper's sheer stubbornness for so long before you snap. But I suppose my comment was a little too rude, that much I can admit. However! With how often Mikasa throws in contentious entry after contentious entry, and how often said entries have to be deleted completely instead of just cleaned up (such as when they added an entry on Alya supposedly being The Scrappy , even though that's anything but true)... Well, never have I dreaded seeing a single troper's name in an edit notification so much. With all that said, I guess a proper rewrite of the Broken Base entry would be the best course of action for now.

29th Jun, 2020 09:46:04 PM

Im voting for keeping the Seasonal Rot entry deleted. Season 3 is divisive, it's not universally hated. Broken Base fits it much better.


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