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24th May, 2020 04:20:04 PM

I would say that's not The Empath, that it seems like supernatural powers are a requirement for that. Could be The Heart, The Confidant, or The Social Expert, depending on how they use it? A Living Emotional Crutch, maybe?

Edited by Unsung
25th May, 2020 06:43:04 PM

The Heart can cover general empathic characters, idk if we made a Empathetic to a Fault trope.

25th May, 2020 06:44:38 PM

^ Hmm, something like "Too Nice" would be a good trope idea.

25th May, 2020 07:32:34 PM

Extreme Doormat seems to cover people who are too nice and polite.

25th May, 2020 07:38:56 PM

It's similar but not necessarily the same concept; might be worth taking this here.


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