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13th Feb, 2020 11:48:17 AM

I know what draft you're talking about, but I can't find it on the Launch Pad.

Either way though, TLP Guidelines gives some pretty solid rules on the launching process, though here's the short version:

  • Be the sponsor or have the sponsor's permission, as to not rogue-launch.
  • Make sure there are 5+ net hats (the number of hats with the number of bombs subtracted)
  • Make sure discussion is wrapped up and that there are no glaring issues that need to be fixed
  • Also, crosswick when you launch it.

13th Feb, 2020 02:24:06 PM

Hold on... Are you the original sponsor for the draft?

13th Feb, 2020 03:22:29 PM

It's not a TLP draft, so there's no sponsor. The creator of the sandbox is Berrenta.

13th Feb, 2020 03:41:54 PM

^ There is a TLP draft floating around in the aether, though maybe it was discarded?

13th Feb, 2020 03:53:02 PM

^ Oh. I thought it was one of those page-split decisions which would either then go through TLP as a new draft or get "launched" immediately by a mod.

14th Feb, 2020 12:07:33 AM

I remember seeing it in TLP, without examples and a bad description, one of those "here's a trope I noticed, now make it for me" things.

Edited by Chabal2
14th Feb, 2020 02:14:50 AM

Yeah, and the draft was launched prematurely with -3 hats (5 hats, 8 bombs), and most of the examples in the comments had been ignored. It was eventually cutlisted and brought over to the sandbox.

14th Feb, 2020 02:44:50 AM

Another requirement for launching: make sure that the trope is actually completely ready to launch, with no violations of TV Tropes rules. Many tropers violate TLP rules by giving hats to proposals that aren't launch worthy, so you can't just depend on the number of net hats.

Some things to look out for:

Edited by Arivne
14th Feb, 2020 02:53:39 AM

>"Some tropers violate TLP rules by giving hats to proposals that aren't launch worthy, so you can't just depend on the number of net hats."

I mean... Is that a rule though? I don't see anything wrong with giving hats to good concepts that need fleshing out, just as long as the draft is not rouge launched.

14th Feb, 2020 06:30:24 AM

"You are saying that you think this draft is ready to be published. That means the description is not ambiguous, it doesn't duplicate an existing trope, there are at least three examples, and the title makes sense."

The above is what you must confirm before adding a hat.

14th Feb, 2020 10:49:47 AM

So yeah, it actually is a rule that a draft should be launchworthy before it gets a hat. It is, however, completely impossible to actually enforce a rule like that, since we have no way of knowing who hats what draft.


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