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Troper Types. I am a:

  • Trope Editor
  • Casual Example Adder
  • TLP Midwife

I am a member of both TONGS and PLATTER.

I contributed the names for: Alliance with an Abomination, Armor Piercing, A Round of Drinks for the House, Attractive Zombie, Awakening the Sleeping Giant, Baby's First Words, Battle-Interrupting Shout, Beak Attack, Cannot Cross Running Water, Cast from Experience Points, Casual Car Giveaway, Choosing Neutrality, Cruel to Be Kind, Doctor's Orders, Dude, Where's My Respect?, Enemies List, Fidelity Test, Free-Range Pets, Heirloom Engagement Ring, Hellhole Prison, Hell Invades Heaven, His Own Worst Enemy, Homeworld Evacuation, Honor Among Thieves, Jerkass Ball, Judicial Wig, Living Crashpad, Living Dust Bunnies, Loads and Loads of Sidequests, Married Too Young, Messy Maggots, Never Given a Name, No Item Use for You, "No Rules" Racing, Obsessed with Food, Proper Tights with a Skirt, Raised by Robots, Raised Hand of Survival, Ransom Drop, Rays from Heaven, Real Vehicle Reveal, Recurring Location, Red Eyes, Take Warning, Refrigerator Ambush, Resting Recovery, Self-Serving Memory, Sex for Solace, Spaceship Slingshot Stunt, Suddenly Sober, Switch to English, Technology Uplift, Thug Dojo, Vow Of Chastity, Wealthy Yacht Owner and Who Will Bell the Cat?.

I suggested the following names. If they turn blue, they've been launched under that name and I'll move them up above.

I'm a Entry Pimp for the following:

Anime and Manga



Live-Action TV

Tabletop Games

Tabletop RPG

Western Animation