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2nd Dec, 2019 02:05:45 AM

I'm a native Russian, and no it isn't :)

2nd Dec, 2019 07:56:27 AM

It would be covered by Department of Redundancy Department, but I don't think we have a specific trope for it as a Verbal Tic

Edited by Bisected8
2nd Dec, 2019 08:11:48 AM

^ I agree that Department of Redundancy Department should cover this just fine.

It's called pleonasm, and I believe it's universal for most, if not all languages. Generally it's not considered 'high style' or efficient use of language.

My favourite is "to hospitalise in hospital" in my native language ("to hospitalise" has the same word base, but the word for hospital has a different root).

2nd Dec, 2019 09:27:19 AM

But nothing about it being specifically from Russian characters?

The most recent example I can think of is this highly-profane series of posts from someone claiming to be Russian. According to the person reposting them:

Is Ivan Chesnokov really Russian?
I don't know. He certainly seems pretty convincing. At the least, he seems to know something about Russian grammar in addition to Russian/Soviet history.

2nd Dec, 2019 06:49:10 PM

As I said, I believe it's universal. It's probably just a coincidence you noticed it in Russian works or for Russian characters.

Edited by XFllo

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