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2nd Dec, 2019 07:06:51 AM

I'm reading the book right now and I'd say cut all of those. Those certainly aren't wide spread reactions to the book, this is the first time I've seen those interpretations of those characters.

Yama is a teenage girl who is abused verbally, emotionally, and physically by her boss, is basically just a record keeper for the First Order, and ends up joining the Resistance anyway so I really don't think that fits. The ex-Imperials are just a group that is discussed at one point and the point isn't really about forgiving them but just that they could be allies, they aren't really portrayed for sympathy exactly. And the galaxy at large not really reacting much to things that don't directly affect them just seems realistic to me. It certainly seems like a stretch to say that everyone that didn't join the Resistance is irredeemable and horrible.

Honestly, that looks like it was written by someone who doesn't like anyone associated with the Empire being forgiven or portrayed sympathetically, even though it's pretty common for the franchise. Most of the reactions to the book that I've seen don't really mention any of those issues so those really don't fit, even without factoring in how poorly thought out the entries are.

2nd Dec, 2019 11:53:51 AM

These entries are so terribly written and badly thought out that I'd just cut them on principle.


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