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28th Nov, 2019 01:29:50 PM

Is the content of the movies and books that drastically different to warrant pages specific to each?

28th Nov, 2019 01:54:13 PM

Yeah, most series are lumped together. It just makes it easier for everyone. Of course, if you think it should be split, a soft split may be more doable.

28th Nov, 2019 02:31:49 PM

There's no information saying what each of the books are about, no cover images, no individual Laconics/Recaps/Funny/YMMV pages. There certainly is more information to split and add. The movies could all probably be on their own page, but the books could be split and the main series page could just list recurring/consistent elements of the series as a whole. Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid already has its own page, which is a good example of what each individual book page would look like.

28th Nov, 2019 04:46:20 PM

Start with a soft split and see if each book has enough tropes to be its own page. Work pages need at least 3 tropes or they can be cut as stubs, with at least 10 tropes being recommended.

28th Nov, 2019 07:30:57 PM

I created Sandbox.Diary Of A Wimpy Kid and started organizing it. When the whole page is categorized, I'll see if I can split any pages.

29th Nov, 2019 03:35:43 AM

Since we're discussing this anyway: Is it okay if I sort the Headscratchers for the series by book? First, there'll be the ones for the series in general, underneath that there'll be ones for the first book, under that there'll be ones for the second one, and so on.

29th Nov, 2019 05:28:22 AM

Neato! Done and done. (I hope the one about spelling "doors" really does apply to Rodrick Rules—I wasn't sure about where to place it.)

29th Nov, 2019 08:11:04 AM

I'm not sure where the first book would go if the page was split, though if someone makes a page about the original webcomic, we'd have the three mediums required for a Franchise page.

29th Nov, 2019 01:46:34 PM

The "door" one is from the Rodrick Rules film. Should there be a separate Films headscratcher header?

For the first book's page, we could either call it Diary of a Wimpy Kid 1 or Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Greg Heffley's Journal (subtitle used in the inside cover). Neither of those names are widely used, though, so maybe splitting the webcomic, movies, and books and then making a Franchise page for the series would be best.

Jeff Kinney has confirmed a Wimpy Kid TV series coming in the next two years, so we'll be able to give it a Western Animation page when it comes out, meeting the Franchise requirements even if we don't split the webcomic.

Edited by Grotadmorv
29th Nov, 2019 02:14:44 PM

Fun fact: Due to a misunderstanding, many Swedish libraries call the English-language edition of the first book only Greg Heffley's Journal.

Anyway, while I don't think a separate Headscratchers header is needed for the movies, or even necessarily an improvement, I won't object if anybody else decides to add it.

(Oh, and if you have the time—what was the context of the "door" one? I don't remember seeing that typo.)

29th Nov, 2019 03:10:13 PM

Rodrick spells "door" out loud as "D-O-R-E."

30th Nov, 2019 06:34:37 PM

Finished organizing the page. Here are the (rough, this organizing is 95% accurate, might've mixed some stuff up with The Last Straw) counts for each book:

  • Book 1: 39 tropes
  • Book 2: 27
  • Book 3: 22
  • Book 4: 24
  • Book 5: 16
  • Book 6: 28
  • Book 7: 14
  • Book 8: 14
  • Book 9: 20
  • Book 10: 18
  • Book 11: 19
  • Book 12: 15
  • Book 13: 15
  • Book 14: 18
  • Movies: 39 (this could certainly be expanded since the films use lots of material from the books that isn't listed here yet)
I kept the series-wide tropes on the main page (and commented out some ZCEs). Every book is above the recommended 10 tropes, so are they ready for splitting?

Edited by Grotadmorv
30th Nov, 2019 09:45:05 PM

You need to create descriptions for each of them, and I would suggest starting with only the pages that have 20+ tropes. We shouldn't be linking to Wikipedia at all.

30th Nov, 2019 09:46:54 PM

After the split, you'll also need to go and move all the wicks over to their new pages.

1st Dec, 2019 08:29:57 PM

Well, dang, it looks like most of my work on the page has been reverted for some reason. I think my edit didn't save. Is there a way I could recover my work? I really don't want to re-sort everything.


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