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3rd Oct, 2019 05:11:46 PM

Tropes that are not YMMV need to be removed from that page and either added to the main page or deleted entirely (depending on the validity of the example).

Also, it looks like some, if not all, of those offending tropes were added by Damolisher, ranging from last year to early this year.

Edited by Arctimon
3rd Oct, 2019 05:40:30 PM

went ahead and cut all the non-YMMV tropes, and fixed indentation. someone who knows the work can go over the rest of it.

Damolisher clearly needs a talking to. in addition to all these non-YMMV tropes, they have no idea how to do proper indentation, their edits are full of complaining and natter, they attempted to add a Complete Monster entry without running it by the thread, and there's a few ZCEs in there too.

3rd Oct, 2019 06:23:29 PM

moved the tropes to the main page and cleaned it up as well, it was infested with ZCEs.

3rd Oct, 2019 07:02:42 PM

Damolisher has already gone through the suspension thread regarding the Complete Monster entry, as well as the associated edit-warring. I've PM'ed them and asked them to come here to resolve any other outstanding issues with their editing.

3rd Oct, 2019 07:19:25 PM

I removed some more non-YMMV, moving those that I could tell were legit as opposed to complaining.

10th Oct, 2019 12:36:03 AM

Edit: Alright, I'll try saying it again without sounding as snarky:

I appreciate the message I recieved, excuse the absence, haven't been logged in for a wee while, and I do appreciate the tidying up and the corrections on anything which needed correct. What I don't appreciate is the "Oh, he's done wrong before, he's a miscreant" type talk. I added things to the page because I thought the page could do with some sprucing up. It *is* a 27 year old show. The so-called "natter" is because I occasionally struggle with saying what I need to say in a concise fashion. That's me trying to write in a way which makes sense to me, not me trying to do wrong, etc. The same is true for any errors I've made editing the page: I added things where I did and how I did because that's how it appeared they were done to me. Not because I was intentionally trying to do anything wrong.

Edited by Damolisher
10th Oct, 2019 10:03:41 AM

Nobody intentionally tries to do wrong, the issue is just that all the mistakes create more work for other editors, which can get people pretty frustrated and aggressive over matters like this.

16th Oct, 2019 11:18:32 AM

And I get where youre coming from, believe me. And I do appreciate having something to work on and work from.

I just don't appreciate the speculation about my personality based on one "edit war" which wasn't even an edit war. I undid one edit not knowing that was considered an unacceptable thing here, y'know? Again, that was my own ignorance rather than malice.

16th Oct, 2019 12:09:26 PM

... are there edited posts I'm not seeing? Because the worst I'm seeing is "needs a talking-to" which... you did. Where is this "he's a miscreant" talk you speak of?


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