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11th Jul, 2019 04:05:16 AM

Historical (or living, for that matter) figures are only relevant to this site insofar as they relate to fiction. Though it sounds like, as a novelist, Jose Rizal would actually qualify.

11th Jul, 2019 04:20:38 AM

This may be unnecessary, but to add why Jose Rizal is famous among his people, the novels he created, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, prompted the Spaniards to banned those novels from the general public as they exposed the abuse that the Spaniards did to the Filipinos. But this ban became more popular as a result, our ancestors discovered what the Spaniards did and those who suffer from it revolt against them and he is the inspiration why Bonifacio started the Katipunan, the main group that rebelled against the Spanish Inquisition. He is also obe of the editors of La Solidaridad the founder of La Liga Filipina, both of which aided the reform movement. In the present time, he is considered a national hero, his old home was kept as a historical site, and in the Philippines, December 30 is celebrated as Rizal Day, since that is the day he is killed by the Spaniards.

Edited by louisent31
11th Jul, 2019 04:23:18 AM

Famous people from history may get a Useful Notes page. It's done usually for people who are notable enough and may pop up in fiction as a Historical-Domain Character. (See the Useful Notes link for more info.)

As Jose Rizal is an author, you could write an article about him in the Creator/ namespace. See Creator Page Guidelines. Ideally, it would describe and list his published works, and you may add tropes from his works that don't have a specific wiki article.

I see this wiki has already one book by him: Noli Me Tangere, so you shouldn't list tropes from this one.

I hope I didn't trigger any of you guys.

Why would your question be triggering?

Happy troping!

11th Jul, 2019 04:34:34 AM

^Thank you for the response. I ask the question because I just expect to get any angry responses because I tend to get annoying once in a while, but I try my best to downplay that and be in my best behavior.

Does he qualify for a Useful Notes page? He did much more than creating novels. He's like Da Vinci, he's a polymath, travelling around the world to gain knowledge. Though, people know him more as a author more of less, and my Filipino teacher talks about how his last poem, Mi Ultimo Adios is read all around the world with so many translations, so I do think he qualifies more as a creator.

Is it okay for me to not add tropes that commonly appear in his works as I'm mostly interested in him as a person and his history rather than him as an novelist/author overall.

Edited by louisent31
Fighteer MOD
11th Jul, 2019 05:33:00 AM

As a writer, he would get a Creator article.

11th Jul, 2019 05:34:15 AM

The closest thing to "triggering" in this thread is "using the word 'trigger' to mean 'mildly annoy', thereby devaluing its original useful mental-health meaning". (I am not, in actual fact, triggered by this — only mildly annoyed.)

Back on topic: Creator pages are about creators as creators. Apparently, tf they discuss their own lives in terms of tropes, we're allowed to put that on their page, but otherwise, creator pages are not for troping their lives as a person.

11th Jul, 2019 05:34:58 AM

We are not a wiki for historical/scientific facts. That's more Wikipedia's bailiwick. We only care about history in how it inspires people to tell stories. We only care about science in how it affects the way stories are told. The stories don't have to be Fiction, but we don't search for much Non-Fiction.

Lucille Ball was a famous celebrity, but we care more about what she created. Richard Feynman wrote papers, but we care more about what works have featured him. Leonardo da Vinci was also a polymath; we want to write about what he created, but he also shows up often in fiction.

Edited by crazysamaritan
12th Jul, 2019 07:31:12 AM

And no gushing, no complaining as well.

12th Jul, 2019 12:30:46 PM

Thank god you said it wingedcatgirl because I was REALLY TICKED OFF by the Topic Creator using it that way!

12th Jul, 2019 12:56:59 PM

^Unnecessary commentary.

OP, did you need any other questions answered? Otherwise this query will be closed.

Edited by nombretomado

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