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5th Apr, 2019 05:49:48 PM

I asked a similar question a few months ago here. I didn't get any answers, but I made already made Science Fiction Favorites and I've been working on William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy Read Four Science Fiction Classics.

11th Apr, 2019 04:29:03 PM

Oh, yeah; I did Tell Me a Story: Science Fiction One, too. I think that's all the original medium audiobooks I've made pages for so far.

15th Apr, 2019 03:48:08 AM

I asked the same thing about Tsukiuta, which is listed as "music" instead of "anime" with "anime" redirecting to music... but technically the original story is from the audio dramas that come with the music, not the music itself... but I also didn't get an answer on that.

15th Apr, 2019 07:59:02 AM

My first instinct with anything whose original medium is audio drama (and that don't fit in Radio/ or Podcast/) is that they go in Audio Play/, but there are also some works where an adaptation in a new medium displaces an older one in terms of popularity, and the namespace the work is given is the newer medium. (e.g., 300, The African Queen, O Auto Da Compadecida, to name a few from the top of AdaptationDisplacement.Live Action Film)

With audiobooks I don't know of any precedent, but Dirty Potter, which is an edited version of a Harry Potter audiobook, is listed under audio play.

15th Apr, 2019 09:41:58 AM

Audio Play claims to limit itself to stories where "the listener is generally supposed to think that he's listening to actual events." That doesn't work for any of the three audio-only publications I'm citing, because they are all voiced by a single narrator with the clear condition that this is a fictional story. I don't think we have an "audio-only original medium" namespace.

16th Apr, 2019 04:33:23 AM

AudioPlay/ is not a very common namespace, I don't think it will hurt to extend a bit its definition. When lean more toward "making namespaces more inclusive" rather than "adding new namespaces to the official list".


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