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18th Mar, 2019 04:36:06 AM

"I've been hacked" is a bad excuse.

18th Mar, 2019 04:41:56 AM

Especially when they edited their profile before they vandalized. So I'm not inclined to believe them but then again, they never vandalized before and to my knowledge, they have been here for a while.

Edited by LadyErinNY
18th Mar, 2019 05:09:52 AM

The odd thing is that some of their edits are actual edits.

18th Mar, 2019 05:24:42 AM

This reminds me of how I previously pointed out that this query involved another user who started out with legitimate edits, except in this case the issue is straight-up vandalism instead of an agenda of policing the use of euphemisms.

Edited by GastonRabbit
Berrenta MOD
18th Mar, 2019 05:43:08 AM

Hacked or no, a suspension will be issued. Please clean up the vandalism.


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