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MetaFour MOD
11th Jan, 2018 09:29:45 AM

Colbert Bump is the closest I can think of.

11th Jan, 2018 09:37:43 AM

"Stage X" of the Fandom Life Cycle may cover that. " adaptation/spin-off series becoming popular" introduces a Newbie Boom.

11th Jan, 2018 05:14:36 PM

There's no specific trope for it? Where would I put examples of it?

Edited by Lymantria
12th Jan, 2018 01:14:41 PM

On the work's trivia page, under Fandom Life Cycle.

12th Jan, 2018 02:19:45 PM

I think it might also be covered by Adaptation Displacement - see the Game of Thrones entry on that page.