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9th Nov, 2017 03:14:55 AM

I'll admit that's close, thank you, but it's the 'unable to move after' part that's a main factor of the trope itself. Desperation Attack could be linked with it I suppose, but this is for a Non-Video Game fashion. Also realized it's a little like 'Last Stand' too to be honest, but still not the exact thing.

EDIT: Added Desperation Attack and Heroic R.R.O.D to close Tropes

Edited by Animators-Voice
9th Nov, 2017 07:04:31 AM

Suicide Attack, probably not; They're not dead at the end, just unable to carry on.

Death Or Glory is very close... Although it's a penalty whether they succeed or not... It's kinda like "Death Or Glory; Either way you're screwed" xD I'll add that into Similar if that's alright.

Am I being too picky here? Or too obscure?

9th Nov, 2017 09:27:06 PM

The 'hysterical strength' concept is likely covered by Uninhibited Muscle Power.

10th Nov, 2017 02:18:12 PM

I'm not seeing anything here not covered by the tropes you've listed in your original post and others have mentioned.

the person gives 200% for one last BIG push and is unable to do ANYTHING else afterwards, win or lose

These situations specifically are covered by various combinations of Heroic Resolve, Death-or-Glory Attack, Heroic Second Wind, and Heroic R.R.O.D., with others mentioned here sprinkled in for the details.

the characters will get backlash whether successful or not

Still death or glory- the glory outcome is succeeding while using up everything you have left on one last big effort.

Edited by Scorpion451
10th Nov, 2017 03:54:39 PM

Hmm... You guys may be right, it's probably just a combination of several Tropes. Guess I'll have to settle with it being a mix of Tropes instead of one. ^_^ Thank you everyone! Been a huge help!