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19th Oct, 2016 02:27:22 PM

You know, I'd actually really like to have this discussion... what's the threshold for making a Comic Book/ page for a character? I realize that Comic Book characters are fairly unique since they're so often not tied to a single title, or even a single universe. In this particular case I would be inclined to leave him on his own page, since he's got a bit of Rogues-Gallery Transplant going on (not to mention that in recent years he's best known as a Batman villain thanks to the Brave and the Bold cartoon).

19th Oct, 2016 02:47:57 PM

Aside from the cartoon (is a comic book relative page), he appear just against Jsa and hawkman sometimes. It is not even a major villain. It is like make a page for B-list villain like Electro or Shocker.

19th Oct, 2016 06:01:34 PM

I personally think that characters should have at least one solo book for a page.

19th Oct, 2016 08:37:41 PM

As I unerstand, Rule of Three is all that's needed to make a subpage: Three fleshed-out tropes. And Gentleman Ghost has been around more then long enough to accumulate those.

I also think this is where There Is No Such Thing As Notability comes into play.

20th Oct, 2016 08:29:12 AM

My sense is that you actually want to have a franchise-defining character or something very common to make a page about a character. Not merely having a few works to one's name, let alone a few tropes.

20th Oct, 2016 01:43:55 PM

Exactly. There are other examples like Lana Lang that has a personal page when she is totally a minor character in Superman universe. Lois Lane? Ok. Jimmy Olsen? Uhm..o-ok. But why Lana?

Edited by rafi
20th Oct, 2016 01:52:21 PM

It sounds like a discussion might be needed on TRS or Wiki Talk about the Comic Book/ namespace then

Edited by MorningStar1337
20th Oct, 2016 01:56:38 PM

Seconded. Seems like a Wiki Talk topic, as there just plain isn't a rule one way or the other.

21st Oct, 2016 03:23:12 AM

Ok. Someone can open a thread in Wiki talk? My english is not sufficient good to explain all the situation.


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