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Chronix Better than a cross.
Better than a cross.
Aug 20th 2010 at 3:19:03 PM

Bonoboos are a special circumstance, Omnisexual though they are but I get your point. Shall we assume homosexuality if the real-life species it is based off of shows? And I belive we should do a colab on Pokebreeding, with me as edit master of course.

Closet DCLAU fan.
Colonial1.1 Crazed Lawrencian from The Marvelous River City Relationship Status: In season
Crazed Lawrencian
Aug 20th 2010 at 3:24:53 PM

Could you explain the Voltorb lines' eyes and then mouth in more detail, please? Particularly the latter?

Proud member of the IAA What's the point of being grown up if you can't act childish?
Chronix Better than a cross.
Better than a cross.
Aug 20th 2010 at 4:02:18 PM

How the heck would you fit Voltorb onto a belt?

Closet DCLAU fan.
SullenFrog Wait, he isn't dead! Shia Surprise! from Voormithadreth Relationship Status: I wanna know about these strangers like me
Wait, he isn't dead! Shia Surprise!
hazzaboner Nidoran needs love! from Sniper Land (your heart) Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
Nidoran needs love!
Aug 20th 2010 at 4:22:15 PM

There's a problem with the whole Voltorb-as-pokeball thing, common as it is in the games. Voltorb are three feet in diameter and forty pounds. Could anyone really mistake that for a portable device?

So I'm a writer...
hazzaboner Nidoran needs love! from Sniper Land (your heart) Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
Nidoran needs love!
Aug 20th 2010 at 4:23:39 PM

Double post, my bad.

edited 20th Aug '10 4:45:02 PM by hazzaboner

So I'm a writer...
rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Aug 20th 2010 at 4:41:25 PM

^ You double posted.

Anyway, despite the size difference, someone would probably be foolish enough to think, "What's with this really big Poke Ball?", and pick it up.

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Blissey1 insert title here from a random Pokčcenter Relationship Status: I know
insert title here
Aug 20th 2010 at 5:08:11 PM

I just have one gripe with the entry, and that's that 30mph isn't all that fast. RL cheetahs can hit 75mph, so I'd think an Electrode could at least equal that, considering they're some of the fastest pokemon there are.

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Pykrete NOT THE BEES from Viridian Forest
Aug 20th 2010 at 5:13:43 PM

We can probably fudge on Electrode being fast speed-stat wise. The speed stat seems to be an abstraction of reflexes, initiative, and physical speed all at the same time. Electrode having however much base Speed doesn't necessarily mean he's ready for Autobahn traffic, it could mean he just shoots from the hip a lot.

edited 20th Aug '10 5:14:48 PM by Pykrete

Colonial1.1 Crazed Lawrencian from The Marvelous River City Relationship Status: In season
Crazed Lawrencian
Aug 20th 2010 at 6:30:31 PM

So would the eyes be LE Ds and the mouth a current receptacle?

Proud member of the IAA What's the point of being grown up if you can't act childish?
Aug 21st 2010 at 1:57:43 AM

I changed the Paras line a bit using everyone's suggestions.

I'll either do the Koffing or Drowzee line later on. I have a lot more disturbing ideas for the latter...

edited 21st Aug '10 2:00:19 AM by Haseri

Aug 21st 2010 at 6:30:11 AM

Holy cow, and I thought I was crazy when I suggested a Pokemon Character Sheet.

...on that note, if this isn't already part of this very wiki, it should be. Right now!

More on topic, should this Pokedex include a section or notes on the experiences and common tendencies trainers have when training the particular Pokemon? Ones we can base on the common builds, tactics and fan perception of the Pokemon IRL, of course. (we can skip Gardevoir) Reading through there's already notes along this line.

...the Nido family entry has got to be one of my favourites so far. And to be honest, anything that a leader of a crime syndicate would do with a giant venomous monster probably should be censored. fact, I think I'll try my hand at a dex entry. I call Mewtwo, he's always been a favourite of mine.

edited 21st Aug '10 7:30:14 AM by SabreJustice

Aug 21st 2010 at 7:58:07 AM


Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Mewtwo [150]

Physical Descriptions

Being one of the few Pokemon confirmed to be created by humans, Mewtwo has an appearance strange even by the standards of experienced trainers. It is 6'7" (2 metres) tall and has a bipedal humanoid body, although its long tail and large hips and feet make its lower half resemble a kangaroo.

Mewtwo's body is primarily white, though the tail and pelvis region is purple. It has two arms with three large fingers each, a protuding chest, and a roughly feline head structure, with two jutting ear-like protusions on the top of its head. Strangely, it appears to have two necks, or at least an additional fleshy structure connecting the back of its head to directly behind its chest. This is believed to be an additional nervous connection, see below.

Lore and History

Mewtwo was first sighted in the Kanto region on an island near Cinnibar, and later near Cerulean city, although the exact nature and origin of the creature was unknown until the publication of The Fuji Report And Additional Files Pertaining To The Origin And Activities Of Mewtwo several years later.

These files, mostly obtained from the Team Rocket headquarters after the first collapse of the organisation, detail how the creature was originally made as a clone from a fossil of Mew, the believed genetic ancestor of all Pokemon. Reportedly, the scientists at a secret genetics laboratory (with connections to the well-known, now destroyed Cinnabar lab) were unable to make a direct clone of Mew; instead, through gene-splicing and genetic manipulation experiments they created a new life-form, imaginatively dubbed 'Mewtwo'. Soon after the creation of the creature, the entire lab was destroyed, killing all present. There survives the now famous quote from Dr Fuji himself: ->"We wanted to create the most powerful Pokemon in the world, and we succeeded."

(some files imply that the genetic material from Mew was damaged or incomplete, so human DNA was used to create the complete genome for the clone. While this is unconfirmed and little more than rumour, many Pokemon researchers both amateur and professional agree that this would explain a lot)

It is also confirmed that for a short period, Mewtwo was under the control of Giovanni, at the time both the head of Team Rocket and leader of the Viridian City Gym. Schematics were found for a suit of armour-like devices that allegedly control and direct Mewtwo's abilities; these schematics match the descriptions given by the few unlucky trainers who apparently battled Mewtwo during this period (receiving a thorough and one-sided defeat) but the armour has not been seen since. According to an interview of several Team Rocket members in custody, Mewtwo destroyed both the armour and Team Rocket headquarters after and fled to parts unknown.

Known Sightings

The confirmed information on Mewtwo ends at the above point, with the rest being rumour and hearsay. Some sightings were allegedly made at Cerulean Cave, an isolated watery cave near Cerulean City home to many powerful Pokemon. Other persistent rumours connect Mewtwo to strange weather patterns detected near the location of the laboratory where it was born, several months afterwards. Over a year later, Mewtwo was rumoured to have been at a legendary spring in Johto, and responsible for its sudden, unexplained disappearance. (some even claim it was involved in the sudden appearance of a large assembly of wounded Team Rocket members who suddenly appeared at Goldenrod Airport, who had no recollection of the past few days) These and the obscure nature of other sightings suggest that Mewtwo has the ability to alter and erase the memories of humans, which is not unlikely given the nature of its other abilities.

The most persistent current sightings of the creature come from several large cities in the south-east Asian region, which claim a tall, caped, humanoid creature stalks the rooftops of tall buildings at night, and also allegedly intervenes to prevent violent crimes, effortlessly defeating, disarming and neutralising both the most powerful Pokemon and heavily armed humans. Despite popular media and an increasingly popular comic book being made around this premise, investigations into the true nature of this phenomenon have been fruitless so far.


Some sightings of Mewtwo allege that is has no mouth, but this is untrue, as it merely keeps it closed most of the time. The files pertaining to its biology suggest that it does have a functioning digestive system, but its body requires very little nourishment.


The first thing most people say about Mewtwo is that it is incredibly powerful, and this is absolutely correct. Mewtwo has been known to display incredibly powerful and precise telekinesis, great telepathic abilities (including the above mentioned memory wiping power) and attacks consistent with a very powerful Psychic type- its abilities have been noted as similar to a highly trained Alakazam but far more powerful. With any other Pokemon this would be considered exaggeration, but here it is like a good description of Mewtwo's capabilities.

The files on Mewtwo's biology are consistent with the above description, showing an incredibly highly developed central nervous system that extends throughout its entire body- the 'second neck' is in fact an additional nerve connection that augments the spinal cord. This may explain why Mewtwo has been said to make gestures along with its telekinetic abilities, something usually associated with amateur psychics both human and Pokemon.

Unconfirmed rumours also have Mewtwo using an attack similar to Aura Sphere, a rare ability previously only associated with Lucario and well-trained Togitecs. This is certainly within the range of its possible abilities. This is used in conjunction with free flight, an ability Mewtwo uses well and often, presumably through telekinesis.


As the above makes obvious, Mewtwo is potentially extremely dangerous and capable of mass destruction with little effort, and directly opposing it would be suicide. With the destruction of both the lab where it was born and the original Team Rocket headquarters, it already has a confirmed human body count in the hundreds. Its psychic abilities could allow Mewtwo to attack without being known, and erase the memories of all witnesses- it could do virtually anything to anyone, and nobody would ever know of its involvement.

But contrasting with its earlier violent nature, and perhaps very fortunately for humanity in general, the more recent sightings of Mewtwo have reported no deaths, and not even any disappearances, major injuries or long-term mental damage. According to all involved, Mewtwo now prefers to incapacitate foes with non-lethal force (far from difficult due to its both immense and precise power) or even just teleport them far away. Since the Team Rocket HQ incident, the only known death connected to Mewtwo was the conviction and execution of the leader of an organised crime syndicate (not Giovanni) who was arrested by police after the participants of a gang war suddenly found themselves without weapons and with all Pokemon unconscious or cowering in fear.

Nonetheless, it is not advised that anyone, no matter how powerful, attempt to confront, harm or capture Mewtwo, if they can even find it. Considering Mewtwo has been known to display full sentience, intelligence equal to or above that of a human, and the ability to communicate fluently through telepathy, it is likely that if you do not take this message to heart, Mewtwo itself will drive it home for you.


Mewtwo is believed to be the only one of its kind, and no files or rumours support the appearance of more than one specimen. Its closest living relative is probably the only known living Mew, which is even more rarely spotted and shrouded in myth than its own clone. There have been instances of the two being spotted together, though they are by no means always in close proximity.

...whew, that was longer than I thought, but I think I did him justice. I'm going from the viewpoint that the only confirmed information on Mewtwo comes from Team Rocket files related to him, and everything else is just sightings and rumours. And yes, I came up with the full-body nervous system on the fly and its connection to the second neck, though I had a little inspiration from Ultimate Iron Man.

As you might guess it's mostly the depiction from the movies and games (accounting for Mewtwo having erased the memories of those involved in the former case) with a little detail from the manga. (basically a WMG of mine that turned out to be correct in one version)

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Neo_Crimson Your army sucks. from behind your lines.
Your army sucks.
Aug 21st 2010 at 10:53:31 AM

No mention of Red catching it, at all?

Sorry, I can't hear you from my FLYING METAL BOX!
Aug 21st 2010 at 11:09:09 AM

Drowzee Line

Morphs [Oak Catalogue #]

  • Drowzee [#096]
    • A yellow and brown biped with a trunk above its mouth.
  • Hypno [#097]
    • A yellow humanoid Pokémon with a large nose and mane.

Notable Biology

Perhaps one of the striking things about the Drowzee line is their skill in hypnosis and Hypno's skill in the much more potent mind control. Skill in sending other creatures to sleep is vital to the Drowzee's survival, as, as the legends famously have it, they do feed on dreams (which raises the question of it has a mouth).

Quite how this is possible has baffled Pokémon researchers for decades, much like any psychic Pokémon. But tests have shown that putting Drowzee in an enclosure with nothing except mundane plants and fish causes it to eventually starve. It appears as though once we learn more about dreams, we may learn more about how the Drowzee feeds.

The evolution Hypno is a lot more sinister. Hypno does much more than merely hypnotise the subject (which is little more than suggestion - a hypnotised individual cannot be influenced to do what he/she does not want to do). It controls them.

Something of note is the pendulum a Hypno is always seen to carry. Even tame Hypno are unwilling to divulge what the pendulum actually is. Many believe it is similar to the spoons Kadabra and Alakazam hold.


They have been found in very tall grass, by muddy rivers, in savannahs, and occasionally in ancient temples and tombs.

Since people have begun moving away from countryside and into the city, many Drowzee have begun to become urbanised. It is uncommon, but many city dwellers have had rude awakenings of Drowzee standing over them (and if they are really unlucky, on them), eating their dreams.

It is very rare for a wild Hypno to be seen near humans, staying to remote roads, waiting for a hapless traveller to walk by so it can put him/her to sleep and feed on their dreams. That isn't to say a Hypno has never come near a town. For a fascinating study into a Hypno essentially attacking a town for a number of months, I suggest The Pied Pokémon of Pallet, By Professor B. Palm, where an oddly coloured Hypno stole children from Pallet Town for no discernible reason. They were later found, safe but unable to remember anything about the incident. In the book, Palm suggests that the Hypno took children almost exclusively as the Hypno had recently lost its own child.


As mentioned above, dreams, making them oneirovores. Note that the line can go for many nights without feeding.


There is little to fear from a Drowzee. Strictly shy, nocturnal creatures, the only damage they cause is property damage attempting to get into a house to consume the dreams of the occupants. Those with a phobia of Drowzee have started to put up dream catchers, with the intent to make sure they don't wake up with the 3' creatures looking down at them.

Hypno on the other hand have quite the reputation. They are known to waylay travellers by guiding them off the road and eating their dreams in an even remoter area. This caused the deaths of many travellers before the advent of mobile phones.

Perhaps even more distressing is what the tame ones have been put to use for in recent years. As mentioned above, they don't have mere hypnotism, they have mind control, which can make people do things they don't want to. This has led them to be used in similar ways as knives and guns are used in muggings. It is quite intelligent - nobody gets hurt and the victim might not realise anything is gone until he or she checks. However, their use in sexual crimes, some involving children (SEE: "Celadon Cops uncover Drowzee/Hypno breeding facility while smashing paedophile ring", Kanto Informer, 27/10/200X) have opened discussion among politicians considering the legality of keeping such a powerful Pokémon.

Courting and Childrearing

Hypno only come together to breed. The female will take care of the baby Drowzee for about 2 years before leaving it to fend for itself.

Social Structure

They are solitary creatures, bar the short mother-child relationships.

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SilentReverence adopting kitteh from 3 tiles right 1 tile up
adopting kitteh
Aug 21st 2010 at 11:15:13 AM

On Mewtwo...Do we get under the idea that Red caught all/most Legendaries anyways? (Or that all/most of them have been captured, either way) What about Mew, Jirachi (who conveniently syncs his once-in-seven-millenia awakening pattern with the game trainers running through their adventures)? Do / did "Brendan"/"May" and "Lucas"/"Dawn" get some action too? Arceus?

(Not that I'm OK with that part o this entry, since most of what he have written here so far already assumes Mewtwo being caught).

On Hypno: a good reference on the whole paedo issue, but nothing about Hypno kidnapping children on their own? (It is game canon and commented upon, at least)

Fanfic Recs orwellianretcon'd: cutlocked for committee or for Google?
CrowT.Robot Trainspotter from Ga-Metru
Aug 21st 2010 at 11:19:32 AM

Maybe wild Hypno only kidnap children as a substitute when their own die prematurely- penguins are known to do similar things.

edited 21st Aug '10 11:19:49 AM by CrowT.Robot

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Kinkajou One Man Army from you're not your
One Man Army
Aug 21st 2010 at 11:20:25 AM

Can I make a minor suggestion?

That Fossil Pokemon only gained the Rock type by virtue of being revived from fossils, and that they probably had different typings in their original habitat (Like Cranidos being Normal and Lileep being Water/Grass).

"Wait, it's IV. Of course they are. They'd make IV for Dreamcast." - Enlong, on yet another FFIV remake
Aug 21st 2010 at 11:24:51 AM

I think Arceus should be written in a more... reverential manner. Less biology, more theology.

Aug 21st 2010 at 11:29:22 AM

Well, that's amusing. I start writing Mew, and then somebody posts up Mewtwo.


Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Mew [#151]

Physical Descriptions

A small, feline like Pokemon, Mew posseses large feet, a cat like head, and a long tail. It's entire body is covered with pink vellus hair. Some have discribed Mew as resembling a fetus. Its known habit of resting in a psychic bubble reinforces this claims

Lore and History

Mew is one of the most famous of the Legendary Pokemon. Appearing in many popular stories, Mew has been the subject of fascination by many. Mew was largely considered a myth, Mew sightings attributed to mirages or hallucinations. However, when a clear photograph of Mew, taken by respected Pokemon photographer Todd Snap, supported as true by none other then Professor Oak himself, came to light. Mew was recognized as a real Pokemon by the scientific community. Shortly thereafter, a fossil of Mew with intact genetic code was discovered. The results of this discovery are shared in the Mewtwo article.

Mew has been the subject of numerous urban legends. The most famous being that one could find it on a shipping deck at the Vermilion City Port. It ended up having so many young trainers trespassing in a search for Mew that the managers were forced to issue a statement denying that Mew had ever been there.

The files on Mews genetic structure describe it as "the most complex of any known Pokemon." Possessing over one thousand chromosomes, this has lead it to be said by some that Mew has the DNA of all Pokemon within it. While this is an exaggeration, many sequences in Mews DNA to match that of many Pokemon.

Known Sightings

Many trainers had reported that they had seen other Pokemon transform into Mew, these sightings were dismissed until further revelations on Mews abilities were revealed.

As mentioned, the first verified sighting of Mew was a photograph taken by Todd Snap. Snap described the experience as difficult, saying that Mew had placed a barrier over itself that obfuscated photographs. This would explain why so many alleged photographs of Mew reveal only bright blurs.

The Mew fossil was discovered in South America by a Team Rocket funded expedition. Upon the dissolving of the organization, the surviving scientists came forth with the fossil and their research.

Recently, sightings of Mew have increased, in particular a small island near Honen called "Faraway Island" by the locals has been a location of repeated sightings. Mew seems to have dropped the shy attitude that it has expressed previously, and even researchers heading to Faraway Island have been able to see and interact with it.


Mew seems to be largely herbivorous. Preferring to eat berries and other fruits whenever possible. It also has expressed a fondness for candy. Some trainers encountering it reported that they were able to get it to perform tasks in exchange for a chocolate bar.


Mew is an incredibly powerful Psychic Pokemon. It levitates in the air at all times, even while sleeping. Exceptionally intelligent, it is fully capable of communicating with humans. A telepath that encountered Mew managed to beiefly link her mind to Mew's, she later described its mind "like an infinitely deep ocean". Mew has shown the ability to casually teleport over large distances, manipulate matter at the atomic level, and easily read any beings mind.

Mew is also capable of using moves of every known type, and has shown compatabilty with every known TM and HM created. Mew has shown that it has the ability to use the move Transform, previously thought to only be usable by Ditto. This explains the sightings of other Pokemon transforming into Mew.

Mew has demonstrated the ability to alter it's bodily structure in order to perform moves that it would not otherwise be able to learn. One trainer attempting to capture Mew used a Dark type Umbreon to neutralize Mews potent Psychic ability. He described Mews victory as "the things hands just extended into pincers! Then it used X-Scissor to take down Moonlight instantly!" It seems to be a more advanced application of Mews transformative abilities.


Mew is a gentle Pokemon, no injuries or deaths have been reported to be caused by it.

It reacts to any threat with the same playfullness as a it would to a new playmate. It seems confident at all times that absolutely nothing can threaten it. Concidering the power it has displayed, it is quite possible that is true. When fighting, it will often hold back its powers to the level of whatever is attacking it. 'Playing' with its attacker until it defeats it or simply devides to leave. Sometimes, however, it will merely quickly dispatch whatever attacked it, usually using an attack that is most effective against the attacker.

If you ever do encounter Mew, try offering it some food. Do not make any agressive action. It may decide to stay with you for a short duration, and to be in the presence of such a rare Pokemon is a blessing in and of itself.


Mews connection to it's "reletive" Mewtwo is unknown, while there has been sightings of Mew and Mewtwo together, exactly what they were doing is a mystery.

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CrowT.Robot Trainspotter from Ga-Metru
Aug 21st 2010 at 11:32:55 AM

Nice work on the Mew Truck rumor.

Formerly known as Crow T. Robot.
rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Aug 21st 2010 at 2:33:01 PM

Does anyone want to do an entry on Glitch City?

I also made some edits to the Voltorb entry.

Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.
CaptainNapalm Totally Not a Schoolboy from a closet.
Totally Not a Schoolboy
Aug 21st 2010 at 2:43:55 PM

I dunno, how would you even work it in? I mean, it pops up in almost a half-dozen locations...  *

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Blissey1 insert title here from a random Pokčcenter Relationship Status: I know
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Aug 21st 2010 at 5:21:44 PM

being a bit of a grammar nazi here, but

However, when..., came to light.

you need to have something at the end of that sentence, like "Mew's existence was finally accepted as scientific fact"

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Aug 21st 2010 at 5:54:50 PM

Here's an article on one of my favorite Pokemon.

And yes, they're totally legendary.


Morphs [Oak Catalog ]

  • Anger [201-A]
  • Bear [201-B]
  • Chase [201-C]
  • Direct [201-D]
  • Engage [201-E]
  • Find [201-F]
  • Give [201-G]
  • Help [201-H]
  • Increase [201-I]
  • Join [201-J]
  • Keep [201-K]
  • Laugh [201-L]
  • Make [201-M]
  • Nuzzle [201-N]
  • Observe [201-O]
  • Peform [201-P]
  • Quicken [201-Q]
  • Reassure [201-R]
  • Search [201-X]
  • Tell [201-T]
  • Undo [201-U]
  • Vanish [201-V]
  • Want [201-W]
  • XXXXX [201-X]
  • Yield [201-Y]
  • Zoom [201-Z]
  • ????? [201-?]
  • !!!!!! [201-!]

Physical Descriptions

Unown are small Pokemon, only half a meter tall. Each one is black, in the shape of a letter of the Latin alphabet, or a explanation point or question mark. Their bodies are made of a material not found in any other part of the world.

Lore and History

It is said creation myth of Johto that the Creator of the world spoke, and his words came to life, shaping the world according to his will. Once done, the words rested in temples, waiting for a time when the Creator would need them to create again. It is now believed that the Unown are the inspiration for this myth.

Known Sightings

Unown were discovered while excavating the Ruins of Alph, an ancient temple built by a prehistoric Johto civilization. For years archeologists were baffled by the presence of Latin letters in a building built before Latin even existed.

One day a researcher put together a stone tablet with a Kabuto inscribed on it, this caused a mechanism in the Ruins to trigger, and the Unown awoke. The hieroglyphs were revealed to, in fact, be Pokemon. The Unown.

Shortly afterwords, ruins in Sinnoh and the Sevi Islands also suddenly became inhabited by Unown.


Unown has no mouth and has never been observed eating anything. It is unknown what, if anything, Unown eat.


Individually, Unown are weak. They can levitate through the air and use their psychic powers to use a technique called Hidden Power. This strange move seems to create energy of various elemental types, unique to each Pokemon. Research allowed this move to be made into a TM, and has become a popular move with some trainers.

However, Unown are rarely encountered individually. It is theorized that they use their psychic powers to link their minds together to form a hive mind, concentrating their powers in the process.

In this group, the Unown are a force to be reckoned with. Witnesses have reported masses of Unown producing high level psychic effects, as well as strange phenomena that have no current explanation. One such instance happened after a sudden earthquake caused a section of the Ruins of Alph to collapse. In response the Unown swarmed around the collapsed area. Observers reported it "as if time was being reversed." The collapsed section rebuilt itself under the Unowns influence.

A recent incident involving the Unown occurred shed some new light on their abilities. Dr. Spencer Hale, a well known archeologist and researcher, became involved with them. According to reports, the Unown appeared in his house and reacted to the desires of his daughter. Creating a massive wasteland of Crystal and even producing a simulacrum of the Legendary Beast Entei. How and why the Unown reacted in such a manner is unknown.

Unown constantly emit radio waves, to the point where any large mass of Unown live any wireless communication is useless. Using a radio in these conditions, a sound described as "eerie" plays. Strangely enough, the sound has been identified as extremely similar to a song played in some religious ceremonies in Shinoh.


Unown do not seem to mind being captured, however they are only caught by collectors interested in unusual Pokemon due to their weakness in battle. But in the event that you attempt to deface or harm the Ruins they live in, they will swarm and use powerful psychic abilities against you. Unauthorized diggers attempting to loot the ruins have been attacked by the swarm. Upon being questioned, one reported: "They took me to this place. It was WRONG. There were these THINGS. Everywhere. They weren't happy that I had come without their consent." Any further information could not be gathered from him, having been severely traumatized by the experience.


On March 24th 20XX, a researcher at the Ruins of Alph reported that a trainer with a Pokemon had never seen before came to the ruins. Upon entering the main room, the Unown reacted wildly, swarming around the trainer and the Pokemon. However, there did not seem to be any hostility. Both the trainer and the Pokemon vanished. They reappeared a few hours latter, the trainer holding an unknown Pokemon egg. Attempts to find the trainer and this Pokemon have proved fruitless.

This story coincides with a reported sighting of Arceus by Cynthia, Champion of the Sinnoh Pokemon League, see Arceus article for more details.

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