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Some troper who had a handful of red links to his page. This Troper, noticing this, decided to put something here, but knows nothing about said red-linked troper except he appears to have a lot of Troper Tales.

Currently trying to launch Pyromaniac. It's not going well. It went well, added to other tropes I remember launching:


...and quite a few others. I lost track long ago.

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    Chuck Norris 
  • My valuable tool for folderising all tropes on this site.

Has taken up the task of writing an epic tale of the Trope Pantheons, chronicling the great uprising of the Disgraces. Trust me, I'll finish this one, and try to make it good, but that doesn't mean I can't use help. Good god I can't finish this... well unless I get nagged enough.


Also has a slightly unhinged fascination with the Mary Sue concept. Hmmm...

I will admit I'm frequently a malcontent who incites Internet Backdraft, but at least I prefer the Deadpan Snarker route rather than Author Tract. If you can start a flamewar with one sentence, why write a Wall of Text?

Tropes associated with this troper (yes, I'm going that far) include: