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CAPTAIN NAPALM, PROTECTOR OF THE AMERICAN WAY , has been a fully-fledged troper since February 2010, after over a year of lurking and anonymous editing on the main wiki. When he isn't busy fighting crime and browsing this website under his alter ego, Captain Napalm is usually busy living under his true identity of a prepubescent schoolboy from the Midwest proud student from a Strawman U in the Golden State.

Captain Napalm typically spends most of his time on TV Tropes browsing the forums, namely the Video Games and Forum Games forums, and but still adds blurbs and the occasional pic to the main wiki on a (somewhat) regular basis.

Sadly, as of January 2011, Captain Napalm has been experiencing technical difficulties visiting this website with his alter ego. He can now be reached via his other alter ego, Tracer Bullet.

Media that Captain Napalm Likes

Remember kids, vandalism is a blight on society. Well, except for here...

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