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Destroy The Godmodder 2: Salvation

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LordHerobrine THIS IS MY FINAL FORM from the Aether, on vacation. Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
Jul 20th 2015 at 11:04:05 PM

Welcome, Welcome, one and all to Tvtrope's second installment of Destroy The Godmodder!

For those of you coming in, I strongly recommend skimming the first installment forum game for information.

Read up on the tropes page for historical canon lore.

Now, to the meat of the game!

The godmodder is incredibly over powered, and since his last encounter, he's achieved Greater God status. Many players took part in taking him down before, but even more craftiness may be needed to take him down again. Whatever he's doing, it's certainly not good for the rest of the world!

The godmodder will block most attacks, and retaliate harshly, but he needs to be taught a lesson. Be careful though, he has something called 'the Curse of Repetition', any time an attack deals damage to the godmodder, he becomes immune to that attack forever after.

Rule #1: Don't argue with the game master. You can question my choices or point out mistakes, but don't argue with me please.

Rule #2: Don't expect your attacks to work when aimed at the godmodder. This goes up to infinity if you aren't in the same area as him. If he's not listed under a specific area, that means he's disappeared again and nobody knows where he is, and thus he cannot be targeted because of a nifty ability of his called the Veil.

Rule #3: You may only post once every round (one of my posts).

Rule #4: It is never too late to join. You don't have to request, feel free to jump right in.

Rule #5: If you have an issue with the way I run this, please message me, I'm open to feedback, and if you feel you're being picked on, then please let me know so I can remedy the situation. Additionally, if you decide to drop out after joining in, please say you are doing so, it is very irritating when someone leaves without telling me they won't be back.

Rule #6: Every character is either "N", true neutral, "PG" for pro godmodder, although this alignment will not be available for a while, and "AG", which means against the Godmodder. Every one is AG for right now.

Rule #7: Roleplaying since the last round has become the norm, however do not let Rp'ing take up the bulk of your posts. Remember, as much of an Rp as you would like to make it, this is still a forum game. Try to limit the length of roleplaying to attack content ratio so I don't have to scroll through six walls of text to find your one action.


Each action post, you may do just about anything you want. The things to keep in mind are: Location, the OP scale, and a newcomer, the NC-N0 filter.

Try not to break the OP scale, as it will backlash against you, most likely nullifying your attacks. The new NC-N0 filter is here to censor anything that could breach over the R rating.

If you keep in mind that this is "Family Hour", then you're set. Avoid risque topics that might send the raiting above R. Players and Users of all ages come on. The Last thing I want is for you to attack the Godmodder with severl pages of lemons, limes, or other equally sick and unnecessary attacks.


Each player has two charges and no more. They exist to boost attacks. A charged attack has a more likely chance of hitting. A charged summon has more potential to stick around, than being "nope'd" by the godmodder.

Charges must be in BOLD. You may not give points right now, but that option will be available later.


I'll add more to this list as things progress. For now, let us jump straight in!

"Circa Unknown"

The Pantheon.

Collectively, the high seat of all congregations of tropes, idioms, and fandoms alike. Seated atop the highest of the high, they stand on pedestals, hoisted up by the masses as "the" representative of what they are, who they stand for, and who they could become.

Each in their own right, a walking path of destruction. Some, wage war. Others, wage love. Yet even more, wage both. There are those who speak in tongues aflame with passion. There are those who do not speak at all, yet carry more weight than ten thousand years. There are those whose presence can move mountains with nary a breath from their lips. There are those who define existence with a knife.

They come from hell and heaven. They come from galaxies where secrets can make gods blaze. They come in the name of the lost, the helpless, and all the world's evil, wrapped in a little package. They come from beyond even the fourth wall, and they fight for everything under the sun.

Then, there's the Godmodder.

It only happens once every century or so, mostly because of how excruciatingly long it takes. Even for O-Haruhi-Sama, gathering the entire Pantheon together for their grand forum takes time. Especially when half of the pantheon is out to gut the other half's throats out with a marble spoon.

First, you have the newcomers. Always eager to get their voice heard in the Pantheon, most of the elders sleep through their problems and shelve them for Captain America to look at later. Then, you have the vandalism charges. Oh, the vandalism charges. At this point, you might as well perform an appendectomy with nothing but a goat and an iron poker.

Even that's putting it lightly.

But all before that comes and so much more, you have to actually get the members in the same building, at the same time. No, they can't blog or facetime, or something else. Trying to coax the Council of Shadows out of the House of Mentalism seemed easier this time around when someone got the bright idea of hyping Wario up on golden onions and giving him a can of Bonk!

No one had ever seen the house empty that fast. Some of the members of the house hadn't seen neither sun nor shower in decades.

Elsewhere, in the House of Gaming, most of it was empty. See, in the house where half of the members are either playing games, in games, moderating games, patching games, and... well.. being in games, the gods here have learned one skill the rest of the Pantheon seems lacking in.


Ever a lover of Efficiency, Steve? at one point set up a system where gamers and gods could get real life issues out of the way, pretty fast. When your life- of lack of- is a game, then the world is at peace.

At least the ones not paying attention.


Steve? - "Are you absolutely sure it's not connected to the House of Technology?"

Herobrine - I wouldn't be calling you if it was. Atlus got called by Lain first, after Authochon couldn't make heads or tails of it. Let me repeat that, just incase your head was full of fish. AUTOCHON couldn't figure out what it is."

Steve? - "Could be a prank. I'll check my end, though I haven't made any new world servers since I had to run damaged control on microsoft sticking their foot up my arse."

Herobrine - "I'm telling you its-"

Steve? - "For the last creeping time. He's in the meeting. Carmen is watching him with about seventy five other gods. He's not going anywhere. Last I checked, he's having tea with Cthulu. "

Herobrine - "Then who made this ghost server, and why the hell does it take up 126 Petabytes of memory? Nothing Primus ever uses takes up that much memory, and I don't see him taking an interest in minecraft anytime soon."

Steve? - "I'll take care of it! Stop your belly-


Blinking in surprise, Steve? stared at the black screen in front of him, every single light in his room going out at once. Tapping the keyboard several times, he checked behind the monitor, but the breaker hadn't popped. Hearing several shouts of rage and anger outside, he grabbed a torch and poked his head out of the door.

He couldn't see anything. It wasn't just his room.

Racing down the hallways as people shouted for electricians and tossed computers out of rooms, Steve? traveled to the main hallway. Still no power. He went to the arcade room. No power. He tried his cellphone, and rang up the House of Technology.

They had lost power too.

Suddenly, without warning, every single screen in both houses lit up with a minecraft start screen. Blandly staring back at thousands of users faces, the world seemed to be titled, "2".

That was it.

As confused clamour started up, Steve? called down to Felix who was furiously whacking a power coupling with his hammer.

"Where's Missingno and who let him-"

"It's not him. He's at the meeting!", Felix shouted back. "Bigger problem. My hammer's not working!"

Leaping down a flight, both Steve? and Felix stared in shock as his golden hammer sparked against the fuse box, with absolutely no effect. Even though there was a gaping hole in the box, it wasnt' healing.

Did you miss me?

Four words. Four words echoed through every monitor in both houses, freezing activity for a perilous second.

Took me a hell of a time to get out from under your noses. But, as you can see, *chuckling* it worked. I had a hell of a time tracking this thing through the Frame.

Appearing on the screen, a simple cursor moved over the "Enter World" button and clicked.

< < The_Godmodder has entered > >

< < Carmen_Sandiego has entered > >

< < House_Of_Gaming_Connection has entered > >

< < House_Of_Technology_Connection has entered > >

- but it was worth it none the less. I can't have you people interfering now. Not when I've already gotten what I need."

Standing ontop of a mesa platorm, the godmodder looks at the screen. On his shoulder, lies a bound and bloodied Carmen Sandiego, master thief of the Pantheon.

There's a golden axe protruding from her spine and arrows in both her knees.

"All I wanted to do was give ya'll a glimpse of my pretty face and just reintroduce myself to the world. I'm looking at you. Yes, you bunch of phlebians who rumbled with me all those long years ago. I hope you haven't gotten soft."

Suddenly, flickering, the screens began to grey over as static starts infecting the Frame connecting the House of Gaming and Technology.

"Well, there are things to do, people to talk to, things to take out to the trash. I must bid you adieu. I trust I shall meet you all again, at the edge of the rubicon."

"Salvation is at hand, boys and girls. Do you have what it takes? We shall see, we shall see..."

   This time.   

The Godmodder: 100/100

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I am the once and future king.
Dimentiosome Reproduction is not the meaning of life. from Saskatoon, eh? Relationship Status: Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Reproduction is not the meaning of life.
Jul 20th 2015 at 11:33:48 PM

I stand in an airport, waiting for my plane.

Gees, why am I doing this? I mean, I know why I'm doing this, I just don't know why I'm doing this? ...Hmm...

Destination: Switzerland. Having previously defeated an overpowered super entity, what better way to celebrate than checking out one of the largest generic science-y things in the world? Also I guess there's something related to me going on up there. Hmm.

I look down at my diamond sword. It had been a pain to get it past security. Having previously been imbued with the power of both a Mary Sue and a 200/1000 charge, it was now quite useless after the reset. Or was it...?

Heh. Cliches. Or tropes. Or archetypes. Whatever.

Finally, my plane is called. Gees, I hope nothing bad happens.


1/10: Turkey Sandwich

1/4: Iced Tea

Have I violated anything?

Also HOLY FaCKING SHeT!!!!!!!
Inceptiond from the deadly progression of moon and stars
Jul 20th 2015 at 11:43:27 PM

Not sure how I should enter the game. Going to go in lore-blind, to make matters more interesting.

"Doki Doki Lit. Club" is a happy game where nothing bad happens. seriously tho? not for the faint of heart.
LordHerobrine THIS IS MY FINAL FORM from the Aether, on vacation. Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
Jul 20th 2015 at 11:47:06 PM

Enter the game by joining the server. That is all.

Update near the same time, tomorrow night.

Happy Hunting!

I am the once and future king.
Amperzand Knight of Cerebus from {NOT_FOUND} Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Knight of Cerebus
Jul 21st 2015 at 12:49:27 AM

Having just settled down with the friendly folks at the Pantheon, taken his newly modified armor apart to remove all the bullets belonging to other people from the outer layers, and decided to not get involved in any more wars with the Godmodder, one Amp!host, this particular one missing its right arm, is quite displeased to note the return of his third-most-annoying foe, and in such unavoidable proximity, too.

"Oh god DAMMIT."

The armor, ten tonnes of various composites and super-alloys plated around a neural-tie powered exoskeleton, itself fueled by a seventeenth-generation tokamak-type fusion microreactor, linked to a personal Hammerspace arsenal, and rather aesthetically uninteresting, looks distinctly displeased with this turn of events.

//logon admin **************************



>Amp!host(var27^27).exe running







>world(2) online

//deploy avatarization



//assume F Pcontrol


//logout of console

I make a very rude gesture at the godmodder with my one surviving arm, then walk in the stompy manner that is impossible to avoid in this much armor over to a nice flat spot, where I sit down and produce a massive bag of popcorn and a large mug containing what is apparently an unholy fusion of beer and turkish coffee.

  • Om, nom, nom*

"Want some?"

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So I ended up GM-ing a thing, oops;
Jul 21st 2015 at 1:12:16 AM

Entrance post, skip the first part if you want, Brine.

A portal appears. Then, someone familiar comes out of it.

That guy's back, huh?

Then, another voice echoes quietly.

Just take him out quickly.


1/50 The Siege 

Main Ship: HP: 75 000. No attack. Holds all other components

Flamecannons: HP: 5 000. Attack: 5 000.

Mana Laser: HP: 20 000. Attack: 60 000. Recharge: 4 turns.

Shield Network: HP: 5 000. Each prevents the first 5 000 damage dealt to a component or the main ship.

1/10 Dragonclaw 

High damage, low durability.

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iamsolarflare EAT YOUR GREENS from oh, you know, somewhere in cyberspace Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Jul 21st 2015 at 1:16:56 AM

There is a small fizzling in the air of the server, and then a man appears with a soft pop and brushes invisible dirt off of his green jacket.

"Well now, well now. What have I gotten myself into...?"

He takes a few seconds to look at the world around him, then nods quietly. "Ultimately, I guess this isn't so different of a place."


When everything changes nothing changes.
Inceptiond from the deadly progression of moon and stars
Jul 21st 2015 at 1:41:15 AM

Could someone explain the 1/X thing?

"Doki Doki Lit. Club" is a happy game where nothing bad happens. seriously tho? not for the faint of heart.
Dimentiosome Reproduction is not the meaning of life. from Saskatoon, eh? Relationship Status: Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Reproduction is not the meaning of life.
Jul 21st 2015 at 1:57:30 AM

[up]Basically, if you want to bring in an object/entity you believe is a bit powerful, you use your best judgement for how many turns of wait it's worth, then it appears. If you're creating something that isn't very powerful, you can summon it in one turn. I just did my turkey sandwich and iced tea charges as a joke, but when they appear, they'll be a weak iced tea and a decent turkey sandwich. I hope this helps.

edited 21st Jul '15 1:57:54 AM by Dimentiosome

Also HOLY FaCKING SHeT!!!!!!!
Jul 21st 2015 at 1:59:23 AM



Basically, an action that is more powerful than a free one, but requires you to charge it. The longer the charge, the stronger.

edited 21st Jul '15 2:06:12 AM by Tabbune

Inceptiond from the deadly progression of moon and stars
Jul 21st 2015 at 2:05:13 AM

Oh, so that's what that is. Thank you for clearing that up.

A portal in spacetime opens, and D steps out, clad in lightweight combat gear.

"How the hell did I- You know what, I don't even care at this point. Where am I?"

1/15 | Bombing Run

1/25 | Attack VTOL

edited 21st Jul '15 2:11:52 AM by Inceptiond

"Doki Doki Lit. Club" is a happy game where nothing bad happens. seriously tho? not for the faint of heart.
Tartar Trigger of Enmity Relationship Status: Chocolate!
Trigger of Enmity
Jul 21st 2015 at 2:42:17 AM

Oh no, here we go again

Temporal essence gathered amidst the pantheon in a spiraling flurry which rapidly combined to form into a cloaked human individual. This individual was Tartar, the Temporal Warrior. He had uploaded his body into the pantheon with one purpose in mind.

To Destroy The Godmodder


Epochmaker Reborn 1/X

??? 1/X

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I reject the shackles that bind this flesh to the earth that many others so willingly cling onto
Laitome The owner of the Universe in a parallel universe from a place with internet Relationship Status: Who needs love when you have waffles?
The owner of the Universe in a parallel universe
Jul 21st 2015 at 2:51:11 AM

Not in now but...

Something 1/??

OCT 1/1500

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Always trust a guy who says when he'll betray you.
Jul 21st 2015 at 4:00:49 AM

I wander onto the scene, idly shouldering a More Gun replica.

"Okay, so it's this again. Hello again, guy who took way too long to kill."

At this stage, I don't attack the Godmodder just yet.

Mallard: 1/125
Walker: 1/200

The fact that only 140 characters are allowed here is honestly so disappointing to me.
ShinyCottonCandy Cheatza Cheatza from Free Country, USA Relationship Status: Who needs love when you have waffles?
Cheatza Cheatza
Jul 21st 2015 at 5:33:09 AM

Being in this world at the end of the last session, I use my invisible headset to contact Dr. Splitson.

Good, this thing works. As you know from the last battle, going head-to-head with The Godmodder would be foolish. After you log in, try to rendezvous with an ally from the previous session.

I proceed to the nearest terminal to log in. I then decide to take a look at the supplies in my doctor's handbag. But, it doesn't open.

Splitson, what's going on? I can't use any of the equipment in my handbag.

I was afraid of that. The tools you brought with you are governed by the same rules as any other object people try to bring into this world. You should be able to access them if you get this realm's "approval". Basically, you'll just need to wait for the world's approval process.

I thank Dr. Splitson and end the call.

The tools in my handbag: 1/50

My trusty healing tome: 1/10

I need to think of a better signature.
pionoplayer First in and first knocked out from Saving your sorry ***es Relationship Status: Dancing with myself
First in and first knocked out
Jul 21st 2015 at 5:59:06 AM

Meanwhile... somewhere beyond the fourth wall and the edge of the universe...


"What is it Deimos?"

Something going down in tvtropes again?

"Take a look."


Eric's not going to be too happy about that.


Charge of potential: 1/2

Boomheadshot: 1/5

DTG Co Labs I can haz youtubes?
Jul 21st 2015 at 7:25:13 AM

A small portal appears about ten feet above the ground. It stays quiet for no more than a second before a screaming man falls throu chin gh. This is Spino. And this is his perspective.

I land on the ground with a thud. After lying there for a split second, I begrudgingly get to my feet.

This is what I get for coming coming back to this place. A mouthful of dirt and a few potential broken bones.

I get down on one knee before opening a communications channel with my headset.

Command, this is Spino. I've made it.

Very good. Remember, Spino, there might be some interference, so we might not always be in contact. Any questions?

Yeah. Where's my equipment? It came in the transporter with me, right?

Well, it was kind of... lost. And the Fear Gas we sent with you was destfoyed too.

What?! So I'm defenseless?

Relax. You're binoculars survived the trip and we're making another kit and Crane is alreafy working on the replacement batch. Until it gets here, find a place to hide and plan out your first attack.

With that, I kill the comm line before running behind a rock and observing the situation. I pull out my binoculars before focusing on the Godmodder.

Equipment Redeployment: 1/9

Fear Gas: 1/16

edited 21st Jul '15 7:45:45 AM by TheSpinoGuy

pionoplayer First in and first knocked out from Saving your sorry ***es Relationship Status: Dancing with myself
First in and first knocked out
Jul 21st 2015 at 8:06:39 AM

Random, off-topic. I've started up a discussion about the potential DTG adaptation, so anyone interested in helping out with that should make an account on the minecraft forums and tell me what their username over there is so I can add them into discussion.

DTG Co Labs I can haz youtubes?
SacredSpirit123 Shadow ~ Aspect of Darkness from The Shadowlands
Shadow ~ Aspect of Darkness
Jul 21st 2015 at 8:12:02 AM

On the field of the previous conflict, the rose left by the Aspects of Unity as a parting gift stands, having taken root and thrived. As the Godmodder begins his takeover, the rose closes its flower, dying, sending a final puff of pollen into the breeze. A slender, leafy green figure appears to grow out of the surrounding vegetation, and picks the rose, bringing it close to their face, near-featureless save for two large, white, almond shaped eyes...

< < The Sacred Spirit has entered > >

S/he closes a palm over the rose, absorbing its life-force, and the remains disintegrate into fertile soil, running through their fingers into the grass. S/he looks at it sadly, then looks up to the sky. As if on cue, one-by-one, seven figures descend from the sky.

< <    Shadow    has entered > >

< < Commander Protoh has entered > >

< < Fury has entered > >

< < Galvix has entered > >

< < Arkus has entered > >

< < Light has entered > >

< < Neodyme has entered > >

The Aspects of Unity, led by    Shadow,    and his Lieutenant, Commander Protoh, Hero of the first Pantheon conflict, have returned.    Shadow    looks up to the sky, a look of anger and sadness in his eyes.

   "This soon, eh? Some people never learn..."   

He turns his head to the Sacred Spirit.

   "Thanks for notifying us so quickly. If you can do anything to settle this as soon as possible, do so. You, Light, and I all know every life is precious, but what happened to Carmen...we can't let that slide. We're going to rescue her, and restore balance. We're pulling out all the stops. You know what to do."   

S/he nods in response, then looks to the sky, a hand raised, and a visible pheromone floats into the air, disappearing into a vortex of leaves, which vanishes. S/he moves back with the others, looking out over the environment, knowing what s/he did was important. Meanwhile, in the Gardens of Unity, a flurry of leaves appears over the Sylvan Glade, ejecting a pheromone-treated pollen. In an underground cavern, something stirs from its ages-long slumber. Something big.

Force of Nature: 1/?

Hello, everyone. Here we go again. Engie, I've decided the DTG TV Tropes franchise will take place before Enter the Arena. That okay with you so that my people can make references to it in the Arena?

edited 21st Jul '15 8:57:02 AM by SacredSpirit123

”Threaten this world, and you’ll have to answer to me.”
paradisedj32 pantheocidal maniac from soc. rep. of Felarya
pantheocidal maniac
Jul 21st 2015 at 8:35:25 AM

@lord herobrine: Seeing as as my fellow players often have multi-megawatt fusion reactors and such, It wouldn't be disallowed for my character to have Voluntary Shapeshifting capabilities, would it? after all, the OP scale is still here.


To avoid a dreaded wall of text, I'll spread the introduction of my RP features over several posts. please understand.

It has been n years since the Godmodder's grand attack on TV tropes, where n ∈ ℝ. Vague? with how the Timey-Wimey Ball works, be GLAD we are restricted to only real numbers! Now he comes back, with greater force. last time, Řehoř "paradisedj32" Urist fought alongside the liberators. Afterwards, he left to manage the military pact he generaled. Now though, he has quite the problem....

Sergeant Seda sessiztepe. thank you for picking up the call. I know that using a Subspace Ansible for intracontinental communication is MASSIVE overkill, but it seems that literally every other form of telecommunications is down completely.

I had the network admins probe for anything working, and we kept picking up an anomalous wireless link without a clear source. all it shows is what looks almost like a start screen from a game.

I know that. Have you heard about the "Godmodder's war"? You have? GOOD. this is his doing, I fought him personally ans know his handywork. Look: situation is this: Command and control is COMPLETELY gone, good thing this happened in time of relative peace. This cannot go on for long before things start breaking down. You are our best, most powerful, special force trooper. I need you to get in there and help beat that sucker down.

I understand, but If I may ask, why me only?

this breakdown has cut us off from the wast majority of our Applied Phlebotinum resources, including ALL of our refining capacity. We can barely manage enough to transport you cross-universe. Shame you ca't fit people in that bag of holding. Connect to the anomalous connection, and enter the server.

understood. I'm bringing some firearms and other equipment, but if it's the Godmodder and his lackeys than I will probably be making good use of my halberd and magic.


With that, Seda sessiztepe, armed and armored, clicks the "enter world" button that the odd connection links to. What does the godmodder have in store? Who knows. Will it be a grassy field like Urist's fight? either way...

My surname means "silent hill". this more than anyting is gonna prove that naming wildly inaccurate.

<<Seda sessiztepe has entered>>

edited 21st Jul '15 8:37:41 AM by paradisedj32

The names of the electrical charges really ought to be swapped. It is just DUMB that the place with MORE electrons is NEGATIVELY charged.
Jul 21st 2015 at 8:58:56 AM

Let's not use the colour blue for all my self-narration this time.

Alright, so, I log onto the server.

"Don't ask how I always know when to show up, just don't. Of course, it's Richard again. What a shock. Remember when I did things besides battle him? genocide... You know what, nevermind, just ignore my ramblings. I'll just talk through narration."

Anywho, let's get down to business. What was it Wyld wanted me to do again? Right...

I go ahead and put the requested bounty on Richard's head.

Now, time for some future preparations.

A Charge: 1/?

Another Charge: 1/?

What? It's all about versatility.

edited 21st Jul '15 9:01:44 AM by fseftr

Jondanger23 i know he ate a cheese from the middle of nowhere Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
i know he ate a cheese
Jul 21st 2015 at 9:11:22 AM


In a laboratory orbiting the Earth...

S-sir... there's s-something g-going on in TV Tropes.

Oh for gorilla's sake, not again?

W-well, yes, s-something is going on t-there.

Alright, get me my weapons, I'm goin'

O-okay sir.

My assistant then gives me a crap ton of weapons including but not limited to: My high tech gun from the previous game, a pistol made out of the skull of a baby raptor, and a Minishark that's been modified to shoot marshmallows. Oh, and I take off the space suit I was wearing for the past month and put on my lab coat.

Let's do this...

On the server...

<<Jondanger23 has entered.>>


I give the Godmodder pancakes laced with cyanide.


A Potato: 1/15

Project Dino: 1/50

Question, can we make artifacts in this game?

edited 21st Jul '15 9:47:30 AM by Jondanger23

everything i have done so far in my life has probably been a bad idea.
LordHerobrine THIS IS MY FINAL FORM from the Aether, on vacation. Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
Jul 21st 2015 at 9:44:04 AM

Quick Q&A

Paradise, Shapeshifting is a free action. Staying in the shape for more than two turns needs charges.

You may bring ONE artifact from your previous rps You can't start spamming stuff on day one. Sorry.

Artifacts can be made, but I'm not running the fusion thing like on the minecraft forums. Artifacts are made through the charges.

Expect the update tonight. (If you've already used an action, you don' get another one.)

edited 21st Jul '15 9:49:04 AM by LordHerobrine

I am the once and future king.
Jul 21st 2015 at 10:15:17 AM

Somewhere, in South Africa...

I log onto the server, piqued by this Godmodder. A small grin crosses my face as I look at the situation.

"Finally...a challenge, I live for this sorta stuff. Of course, I also get to help people. Much more important than just the challenge."

Finally logging into the server proper...

<<Undying Phoenix has entered.>>

"Prepare yourself, Godmodder...I'm coming for you."

I sit down, thinking.

Long term...gotta think long term...strategy, timing...

Awakening: Basic Magic 1/10

Awakening: ???? 1/50

Trip hopes and dreams are made of these from the land of the lost horizon
hopes and dreams are made of these
Jul 21st 2015 at 10:19:04 AM


I appear with no explanation that's satisfying, and try to incase the Godmodder in a burning, burning, burning ring of fire. Whilst doing this, I begin charging a Very Durable Slingshot.

Very Durable Slingshot: 1/2

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