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WARNING! Perty much everything here is, like, more than five years out-of-date. Some of it still applies. Others are relics of a cringier time.

Nowadays I go by some variant of "General Urist" on other sites. (Yes that is a dwarf fortress reference.)

Also, I have a wall now.

All you need to know about me that i am willing to reveal online is the following:

  • I speak english and czech
  • I am an atheist
  • I am lawful neutral
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  • I am tolerant and hate racism
  • I am scientificly minded
  • I am a nerd and play minecraft and civilization IV often. very often.
  • My drawing is very bad, especialy living things.
  • I have a somewhat socialist mindset
  • Calling the Czech republic "germanic" is a very good way to piss me off.
  • I am somewhat pessimistic
  • I am the stoic
  • I suck at gym class
  • Any avatar I use is meant to troll the "above avatar" threads somehow
  • -
  • I am a xenocidal, pantheocidal maniac who believes that humans are SUPERIOR
  • My catch phrase is the following: "DEATH TO THE YOUKAI! LONG LIVE HUMANITY!"

I try to not be too secretive, but I cannot reveal much about my plans to exterminate the nonhumans and gods without compromising the whole operataion. What I can say, however, is that the first step in the operation is to storm the scarlet devil mansion and gain acces to the library.


My old signature was a short version. the full quote is as follows: 'Assuming the system achieves superintelligence and nanotechnology by breakfast, we will be liberating Hell and arresting Satan in the morning as a warmup. We expect to be storming the gates of Heaven by noon, and tactical projections suggest we should be able to overthrow the dictator 'God', install a functional celestial democracy and be back home in time for tea. God, Satan and assorted celestial beings will be charged with dereliction of duty and inflicting gigadeath and hypersuffering, and the war crimes trials will begin as soon as we've finnished partying. We hope you will join our coalition of the willing and help us bring freedom and prosperity to the cosmos.'

  • tropes I have applied to myself:

1.God, Satan, etc. will be charged with inflicting gigadeath and hypersuffering. the war crime trials will begin when we finish partying.

2.1. -ný 2. -natý 3.-itý 4.-ičitý 5.-ičný/-ečný 6.-ový 7.-istý 8.-ičelý


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