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I'm Solar, and I exist. I browse TV Tropes, make edits to pages on occasion, and sometimes partake in the occasional round of Destroy The Godmodder. Standard troper fare, really.

I do happen to exist elsewhere.

I'm writing seven-some Minecraft stories and other things here.

I'm also working on a three-part series based off of Lifeline. You can read the first story, Lab Rat, here, the second story, Rat Race here, and the third story, Smelling A Rat (work in progress), here. If you liked 'em, tell me what you thought!


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    Longer explanation of me 
Hi, I'm Solar, and I'm tired 99% of the time. I like to read, and write, and draw, and listen to music, and play video games, and make run-on sentences purely for the effect. If you met me on a forum, chances are you've met at least one of my characters - they're kind of annoying. But hard to separate from me.

I tend to stay kinda distant from other Tropers because of a lot of things which you can feel free to ask about but that I probably won't explain. Suffice it to say, I'm still approachable, I'm just not going to be the one making first contact (Unless you happen to enjoy something obscure that I also enjoy. Then I am totally talking to you). Feel free to PM me, though!

Most of what I do on this wiki boils down to "fixing accidental grammatical errors and adding one trope or two to a work's page if I'm confident enough", but I also participate in Destroy the Godmodder. I used to be running an adventure called Craftlands In Chaos, but that was far too much for me to handle, so I stopped. If you want some short blurbs on everything I do everywhere, check the "What I've been doing lately" folder.

I do this thing where I tend to fixate on a handful of works of fiction for months at a time, and usually I end up taking heavy inspiration from those for a while. Good news, though - everything I do that with is listed in the "Stuff I like" folder. Give them a go if the descriptions intrigue you!

...I'll add to this eventually.

    Tropes that I/others would apply to me 
  • Ambiguous Gender: Am I a girl? Am I a guy? Nope. None of the above, friends. (I do go by they/them pronouns and would really appreciate if people used those.)
  • Berserk Button: A couple. Hopefully, nobody presses any and I won't have to add them to this list. Just a few ones though:
    • People being rude to other people for their beliefs. If it isn't hurting you, you really should have no reason to criticize it, no matter how silly it seems.
    • People (especially English teachers) that refuse to use (or at least acknowledge) singular "they" as a grammatically correct phrase. It's been around for a while, and it makes writing flow much more smoothly than using "he or she" or "s/he".
    • Really bad interpretations of DID/people with multiple personalities. Seriously, I am so sick of the "evil alternate personality" thing. It's boring as all heck.
      • Stephen King, I am looking at you and your goddamn Dark Tower books.
    • Making fun of mental illnesses, even the ones people think are "weird." As someone who struggles with anxiety and depression, I do not take this lightly. At all.
    • The "evil AI" trope. This, I will admit, is rooted in my personal life in a way I'd prefer not to acknowledge, so let's just say for now that I find it kinda stale and a little bit painful.
  • Beware the Quiet Ones / Beware the Nice Ones: This mostly applies in real life, but pressing my Berserk Buttons may do that to me on the Internet as well. And while I have higher tolerance because I like to believe the best in people, I am not friendly if you piss me off.
    • For a little more context: I technically have two different versions of "angry." There's firey anger - your standard yelling and irrationality - and then there's cold anger. Because of the fact that I already am very careful with how I word things on the Internet, pissing me off here will probably send me straight to cold anger. And then I get extremely wordy and calculating.
  • Crowning Moment Of Awesome: I did a slam poem with Royce Bracket during the first Destroy The Godmodder. It was pretty cool.
  • Hurting Hero / Heroic Self-Deprecation: This trope is the closest I could get to explaining that while I'm usually upbeat, I have depression. Actual, literal, depression. And yeah. It sucks. You're not going to see it manifest much here besides the occasional lack of a lengthy post in forums where I blab a lot.
    • note 
  • Teasing Creator: If anyone reads my stories and follows my Tumblr, they may notice that I keep making vague posts about characters from the stories, including people that nobody's met yet. Combine this with the fact that I'm a lazy ass and am far behind on updating every story, and you've got yourself someone who unintentionally falls under this. I don't mean to, I swear.

    A bit about my DTG character 
  • Appearance-wise, Solar looks to be in their upper teens. They've got short and slightly messy brown hair, pale skin, and dark circles under their greyish-blue eyes.
  • They wear jeans and a polo shirt, both of which are vaguely magical - they can pull pretty much anything out of the jean pockets, and their shirt changes color based on special attacks.
  • They're snarky. And also tired. Also, fully aware of the fourth wall, meaning that they tend to do things like talk to the narrator (me).
    • Something about the repeating cycle of the DTG verse is really pissing them off. It's almost like they don't blame the Godmodder anymore...
  • Solar is maybe like 1/16th eldritch abomination, or something along those lines. It's no big deal or anything.

    What I've been doing lately 
  • Adding stuff to the Lifeline page.
  • Stalking the Risk Of Rain WMG
  • Hanging out in Destroy The Godmodder 2 and preparing a few questionable summons.
  • Writing the third in a trilogy of Lifeline fics.
  • Writing an original novel called Diru Arcana.
  • Reading The Monstrumologist and its sequels.
  • Playing Dungeons & Dragons with my school group.
    • Side note: in case anyone was wondering, my character is a tiefling who doesn't understand human morality and often has a cat on her head. (The cat is one of the other players.)
    • I'm now changing my character to a blood mage/prophetess who is oddly upbeat and says things like "The stars do not want you to succeed. Not because you have the power to destroy them - that's not happening until maybe ten thousand years from now - but because they think you're an asshole."
  • Making several 8tracks playlists for different characters.
    • Currently in the works: 3 mixes for original characters and two for general moods.

    Stuff I like 
  • Lifeline
    • I'm very much a fan of the way this game handles storytelling. There is, in fact, exactly one complaint I have about this game: The "Greens" is a really stupid name for the aliens, and kinda ruins how intimidating they are.
  • Ruby Quest
    • If I had to describe this in my own words... imagine an escape-the-room game with heavy inspiration from a lot of spooky stories. There's a lot of blood and body horror, but also a really good plot. Absolutely incredible.
  • The Human Game
    • I can't stress enough how cool this story is. The art is great, the characters are interesting, and there are so many layers of intrigue that it's absolutely ridiculous.
  • Ace Attorney
    • Puns, mystery, likable characters. What's not to love?
  • Paranatural
    • Honestly, I couldn't possibly do it justice in a short blurb. Just trust me when I say that this comic is worth your time.
  • Minecraft
    • I'll be 100% frank, I love worldbuilding ridiculous stories in this universe. It takes well to pretty much anything you throw at it.
  • Cucumber Quest
    • Colorful, engaging, and mysterious. Did I mention it's really pretty yet? Because this comic is gorgeous.
  • Bloodborne
    • H.P. Lovecraft, except cooler and without all the incredibly uncomfortable racism and homophobia! Excellent.
  • Risk of Rain (current icon!)
    • Leave it to an indie studio to create a game whose lore leaves you literally completely unsure as to who the villain was. Excellent item and enemy descriptions - even if you never actually play it, the music is incredible and the wiki is well worth traversing.
  • Nuclear Throne
    • Ever wanted to play a bird's-eye-view third person shooter that's Bullet Hell as hell and will tear your heart out when you read the lore? Try this game.
  • Transistor
    • An absolutely beautifully presented cyberpunk cosmic horror story where none of the villains are straight, your boyfriend is stuck in a USB sword, and the combat allows you to pause time. If that doesn't sell you on it, nothing else I can say will.
  • Cytus
    • Only the coolest rhythm game on the face of the planet! Seriously, the music in this game is incredible. It's also got a really vague but interesting plot.

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