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Calling all Grammar police!

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Mar 16th 2011 at 7:42:19 PM

Similar to the NATTER ALERT thread, this thread is for shouting out that there is an article in dire need of grammar assistance. It is useful for those times when there is just too much to do, or you just can't bear to look at even one more misspelling at the moment without permanently losing your sweet disposition.

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Iaculus Pronounced YAK-you-luss from England
Pronounced YAK-you-luss
Mar 17th 2011 at 10:10:05 PM

Might as well kick us off - requesting serious assistance on Warhammer 40000 Trouble.

What's precedent ever done for us?
Micah from traveling the post-doc circuit Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Mar 17th 2011 at 10:23:34 PM

I took a stab at the description, but it's worth noting that the fic seems to have been taken down. All the links are broken, and claims it doesn't have any Warhammer 40K/To Love Ru crossovers.

I'd appreciate it if someone could watchlist Cyrano De Bergerac; I think it's mostly OK at the moment, but there's a contributor who's very enthusiastic about adding to it and also seems not to be a native English speaker, and I only want to spend so much time cleaning up after him.

edited 17th Mar '11 10:25:47 PM by Micah

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Madrugada Zzzzzzzzzz Relationship Status: In season
Mar 17th 2011 at 10:44:48 PM

Oh dear lord. That Warhammer page gave me a headache. I took a stab at it, but didn't get very far. I at least got all of the flagged items moved to their appropriate subpage, but half the time I couldn't even figure out what the example was supposed to be saying.

edited 17th Mar '11 11:00:06 PM by Madrugada

...if you don’t love you’re dead, and if you do, they’ll kill you for it.
Mar 17th 2011 at 10:46:42 PM

I'd send the guy to the English thread - his/her intentions are great, but he could use some help.

JackAlsworth Drop-Dead Cynical
Drop-Dead Cynical
Mar 17th 2011 at 11:27:59 PM

Took a stab at the Warhammer fic page, so its description is a little better, but if the fic has really been taken down, it seems like it's destined for the cutlist.

FallenLegend Lucha Libre goddess from Navel Of The Moon.
Lucha Libre goddess
Mar 18th 2011 at 12:35:13 AM

Fixed as much as I could.

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Iaculus Pronounced YAK-you-luss from England
Pronounced YAK-you-luss
Mar 19th 2011 at 3:31:55 AM

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn and its subpages aren't nearly as horrifying, but could still use some tweaking here and there. This is a case where I'd do it myself, but the pages are too big for my connection to handle.

edited 19th Mar '11 3:32:24 AM by Iaculus

What's precedent ever done for us?
BigT grimAuxiliatrix
Mar 19th 2011 at 4:13:19 AM

[up] That really needs a style fix, too. I'll give the main page a shot, and you guys can tell me what you think.

EDIT: Wow, that took a while! I wound up just fixing everything I could see, not just the grammar, which looks like it had already mostly been fixed. I left some questions on the discussion page about things I was unsure about.

edited 19th Mar '11 8:26:15 AM by BigT

Everyone Has An Important Job To Do
Iaculus Pronounced YAK-you-luss from England
Pronounced YAK-you-luss
Mar 19th 2011 at 10:40:54 AM

Nice work there. Posted a few amendments on the discussion page.

What's precedent ever done for us?
CaitsMeow Dark Prince Cait from Alpharetta, GA Relationship Status: I like big bots and I can not lie
Dark Prince Cait
Mar 21st 2011 at 5:12:34 PM

I'll help watch the Cyrano De Bergerac page if no one else will. If there's any other pages that are in desperate need of upkeep, I don't mind pitching in.

Iaculus Pronounced YAK-you-luss from England
Pronounced YAK-you-luss
Apr 2nd 2011 at 6:08:43 PM

Another one for the pile - Not-So-Omniscient Council of Bickering.

What's precedent ever done for us?
JackAlsworth Drop-Dead Cynical
Drop-Dead Cynical
Apr 11th 2011 at 3:00:36 PM

The description for Stupid Mario Brothers could use some attention.

BigT grimAuxiliatrix
Apr 16th 2011 at 12:44:38 PM

[up] Try it now. I even did the examples.

Everyone Has An Important Job To Do
Morven Nemesis from Seattle, WA, USA
Apr 20th 2011 at 5:42:54 PM

@laculus: I think the problem in Not-So-Omniscient Council of Bickering is not grammar per se. There's some awkward wordings, but most of it is simply that it's a giant wall of dull text that tries to namedrop every single possible associated trope name .

It needs some snap.

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Raso Cure Candy
Cure Candy
May 5th 2011 at 12:20:45 AM

Can someone go over Negima Second Season? I am not the best at grammar sadly.

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Deboss I see the Awesomeness. from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
May 5th 2011 at 12:28:30 AM

Took a shot at it. My biggest grammatical flaw is that I tend to over comma my sentences, even if they're not run-ons.

edited 5th May '11 12:29:00 AM by Deboss

Fight smart, not fair.
May 9th 2011 at 6:31:58 PM

Trimmed down Not-So-Omniscient Council of Bickering.

edited 9th May '11 6:32:09 PM by Monarch

scifiaddict scifiaddict from home, probably
May 17th 2011 at 9:55:24 PM

Hey I'm working on the useful notes page for Native Americans and I'm disgraphic so I fully admit my grammar sucks and sometimes my syntax is "unique" to put it nicely. I do alright with smaller entries but this is a fairly big project so I'm bound to miss a few mistakes. Just having` someone to just go over the page would be a big help.

Deboss I see the Awesomeness. from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
May 22nd 2011 at 11:28:04 PM

[up][up] I gave it a once-over. Hope that helps.

Autumncomet from the hive
Jan 7th 2012 at 3:42:47 PM

Also cleaned up some of the grammar in UsefulNotes.Native Americans, and learned some interesting stuff to boot! grin

One Piece blog Beyond the Lampshade
Jan 9th 2012 at 6:16:24 AM

Ah, I didn't realize there was an official thread for this. I've been acting as a grammar cop for a while now editing various unintelligible entries for the sake of being able to understand what's being said.

MotorRunner A Light In The Darkness from WSA Relationship Status: Abstaining
A Light In The Darkness
Jan 20th 2012 at 11:52:57 PM

[up] So have I, as well as removing Natter, conversation in the main page and the use of first-person pronouns in examples.

ARCHITECT POWAHHH! Will soon be posting as 'Firebird'... [[ Wiki Talk Subfor
Mar 17th 2012 at 5:54:13 AM

I've been reading a lot lately and I've noticed a TON of random capitalization and grammatical errors all over the place - more than usual, in fact. I've attempted to clean up what I've seen, but at this point I'm just frustrated. I didn't want to make a new thread because I myself don't post much at all, but if someone can direct me as to what I should do to make this more apparent so people who are present more often could be more attentive (and I will still make my effort as usual), I'd appreciate it.

Edit: Oh, I'm so not familiar with this forum's format. Nevermind, this is a sticky, so obviously it's apparent enough that there are errors. I can link pages I find that are trashed as I find them. I have a lot of time on my hands during the week, so if people want to add to the links, I can even make a Google Document or something, that way we don't go back over the same things.

edited 17th Mar '12 5:56:49 AM by hlyshft

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