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memyselfandI2 Dunsparce Cloud from The Biosphere Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
Dunsparce Cloud
Sep 17th 2021 at 7:22:13 PM

Stormchaser, Percyplace

Percy: Okay? So does Apple, probably.

Aware: Can I see? I want to see.

Psionic Death Grove

Pleth: <Sorry!>

Ever: Wh— ack, protect me!

-they hold up Muninn as Pleth lunges. Muninn takes the hit and is sent flying into the air-

Pleth: <What— why—>

-Ever falls backwards off the branch, and disappears rather than falling-

Pleth: -stumbles briefly as bonds falter and her brain tells her to attack someone who's no longer present-

-meanwhile, in the air-


Muninn: <Respect your elders, kiddo.>

Muninn used Mimic!

Mimic became Teleport!


Muninn: -on the ground- <...That's just degrading.>

Pleth: <You. Possess me.>

Muninn: <Wait, wh—>

Pleth: -scoops Muninn up and shoves him into her head-

-while Ever steps out from behind a tree-

Ever: (idly) Hold the shield, huh?

Merle, Dark Pulse.

-there's an answering caw from somewhere in the surrounding woods, and a beam of obscura shoots out, aimed for one of the Templars maintaining the shield-


PEFE!Every: Okay? What's the case, who got murdered, do you have any suspects, I don't know I'm not a detective, tell me what you know and I'll do the fun bit.

Dunsparce didn't stop being a thing or anything.
rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Sep 17th 2021 at 8:55:45 PM

Parfum Palace, far past

Ann: -To the Yamask- We're not joining you...


-To Daze-

Guess our next step would be casing the mansion.

-Decides to follow behind-

Wyndon Stadium, last night

Yew: -Loses about a quarter of her health from the hit- <Cam shoots better than you!>

Swords Dance into Grassy Glide!

Yew: -Aggressively rubs her horns against the ground before sliding on the grass towards Agent-

Stormchaser, today

Chiyo: -Walking down the halls-

Dactyl: <You sure we should be in a rush to leave so quickly, didn't the dream say you should be spending more time with the J-Team?>

Chiyo: Yes...

Dactyl: <So maybe we don't need to leave right away.>

Chiyo: Hmm...

-Rounds the corner only to bump into a certain other person-

Oh hey Chiyo, what brings you here?

Your Aura feels agitated.

Chiyo: -To me- Well I was on my way out since I needed to crash for a bit, but Dactyl's convinced me to maybe stay for a while.

-To Chiyo-

So like, School stuff?

Chiyo: Only tangentially, Uxie came to me in a dream, said you had your job but she was giving me one of my own, which was meeting up with a powerful ally, which did happen. And then I felt too tired to go home so I just had the nice Drampa with the funny markings drop me off here.


I guess you're a legendary gofer like I am now. The Drampa was an EX-mon, I'd imagine?

Chiyo: Yeah, first time I ever met one.


I noticed you don't seem to have one? Or maybe I just haven't met them yet.

-To Chiyo-

Well I could if I wanted to, but it'd be harder to do that sorts of things the gods ask me to do with such blatant markings, like you I kinda prefer to be more... discreet.

Chiyo: -Smirking- Ah yes, discreet, with a big bright yellow airship for everyone to see.


Well I mean by myself, I'm pretty good at not being found when I don't want to be.


Also it'd be wrong on a fundamental level for it not to be yellow.

Chiyo: -With a slight smile- I guess that's fair.

-Looking around-

Gunmetel grey would be kinda boring.

-Stomach growling-

I'm getting kinda hungry though, do you guys have like, somewhere to eat?

-To Chiyo-

We have a pantry, I kinda tasked Ever with keeping it stocked but I really haven't had the chance to check. Guess we can talk a little more there if you'd like?

Chiyo: -Grinning- Sure, if I'm gonna be closer, I need to get a bit more used to this place don't I?

-And the two start moving-

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Asterisk395 No voice to cry suffering from Hallownest Relationship Status: I've got a total eclipse of the heart
No voice to cry suffering
Sep 17th 2021 at 9:44:20 PM

[Venice], July 7th

Suiko: -whistles appreciatively-

-...somewhere beneath writhing in pain because ow her ankle-

Goon: -splutters-

Grunt: -staggering onto a fridge- Blargh!

Lackey: I just had this suit laundered!


Lackey: Ugh, no sympathy among management. Get them!

-between the crush of appliances and crates shunted mercilessly about by an untimely tide, they do—Skrelp and Tentacruel fire Sludge Bombs into the rafters, forcing Suiko to step behind Ironspine, who does nothing-

-others of those species crawl up to their level, advancing from all sides along the beams-

-...the person who isn't Daydre may hear, at the edges of their mind, a muttering-

<<You...are hungry. You are so very, very hungry.>>

<<And here—here, there is MEAT.>>

-MONARCH would hear this loud and clear-

-MONARCH...likely possesses the natural resistance and strength of will that this turns into a migraine rather than action-

-but regardless, the melee wash-away on the warehouse floor is interrupted by like a billion Remoraid surging through the canals and chewing on everything in sight-

Suiko invoked Synchronoise!

-or, you know, a few dozen-

Foreman: -screams-

-somewhere between those-

Dr. Ironspine: -staring at the mess, toward where the sensor…probably still is- < how the fuck am I supposed to get down there?>

-Suiko seems preoccupied with her murmuring—talking up the gustatory appeal of anyone who looks like they're regaining their balance-

-the approaching Tentacruel seem to be striving to eat the Skrelp, but not for long-

Stormchaser, September 13th

-Megan smiles brightly, either unaware or entirely too understanding of Daydre's internal monologue-

-inside the box is...a piece of clothing-

-or an accessory, or something, appearing largely made of pitch-black feathers-

Megan: Uh...catastrophic molt came early this year. ^_^

-on contact, Daydre would recognize those feathers as Empoleon down-

Megan: And with—everything that's happened—Pippy and I wondered if we could shove a Power Trip into them while the feathers were going? And keep them that way.

-if she pulls the garment out of the box fully, she may recognize it as a cape-

Megan: Y'know, with all the juice you put into Vee.

-fluffy, strangely soft metal—a shimmering darkness that responds to her touch-

Megan: -awkwardly- So it's kind of—kind of—regifting, but...I thought you might like it anyway? ^^;

Exclusive Item: Zoroark Cape

When this garb is on one's person or in their Bag, Fairy-type moves that strike Zorua-line Pokémon or individuals restore HP instead of dealing damage.

Vibrates softly with the song of captured moments.

Megan: -breath bated- ...

Stormchaser, Percyplace

Logan: not that. I am legitimately unsure why.

-and they pull a Scarf from their fanny pack and turn into an Elekid-

Addie: -...tada-

Psionic Death Grove

-Zayna retrieves her preferred medium—an iron-headed hammer at the end of a thick chain-

-she begins whirling it, sling-like, tracking Ever's motions-

Zayna: -whirling fast enough to obstruct combustion, current generating- Run all you like, little Weedle. Nothing moves faster than ligh—

Hiro: Hey.    Eyes on me.   

-his flames flare to Lick at Zayna's armor—focus disrupted, her nail-biting grip on Pleth's motor functions dissipates-

Zayna flinched!

-she charges, snarling, to meet Hiro halfway-

-and Molybdenum lets Pleth go-

Molybdenum: -to Ever- ~Please, just. Leave. Leave this fight. Leave the J-Team, before something worse happens.~

-telling them what they want to hear- ~If you need excitement, I can give you excitement! I can erase the memory of what they did to you, any of them, fill it with whatever you want, I can...I can fix you. Just—~

-pushing- ~You need to go.~

-Ribot, too, opens a private connection-

Ribot: -dry- ~Do something to earn it, old man.~

-seemingly unimpressed by the liberated Champion-tier combatant before him, Ribot blinks thrice-

-he forms a rather unconventional Light Screen-

Ribot: ~The future is now.~

-their psionic focus enters Pleth via the optical nerve through the light of Ribot's hands, partially slowing the rate of nerve impulse transmission where it stretches-

Ribot: -to Muninn, tsk- ~Speaking of, but you've fallen far.~

-but primarily sealing Muninn further and further into the cortex of Pleth's brain containing her memories of killing and eating him-

Ribot: ~After everything you've accomplished? Everything you've been?~

-pityingly- ~What a disgrace.~

-examining an April Fool's, sneering- ~Do you long for a taste of your former glory? A fraction of the scope and scale once available to your works?~

-leading- ~Don't you miss flying?~

-outside, Merle's Dark Pulse strikes true-

Templar: -sent staggering- Augh!

-her target spins away from the force and nature of the blow, whole hexes in the sphere winking out-

-highly-pressurized fire jets through the opening with Parfait in tow, setting a swath of trees ablaze—-

Other Templar: Shut up.

-he tosses one small, round object, swaddled in telekinesis and layers and layers of shielding, into the jet stream-

-Parfait tears free, her blazing grasp rocketing for the Templar's skull—-

-and vanishes-

Other Templar: Hmph.

-an Ultra Ball crashes to the forest floor, smoldering-

Fire!Curry: -shriek- <No!>


Other Templar: Kid was right. -outwardly- Fire at will!

-Pokéballs sleet through the shield, telekinetically-guided-

-Curry kicks one, two, five dozen into the tiny sun within-

Fighting!Curry: <Tch…!>

-but only one needed to reach Chips-


-he, too, disappears into a reinforced Ultra Ball-

-a bit further away, Hiro tucks into a roll with a growl, Fritte vanishing struggling into another—his attempt to break him free averted needing to flee a railgun-strike from Zayna's hammer-

-her own Pokéball intact, Curry glares through the spheres pelting off of her-

-leaps up unimpeded, and kicks the sun through the barrier-

Curry used    True Pyro Ball!

-it sears clean through, still radiant with Hiro's own flame-

-therefore, it is by nature incredibly obvious what it is and what it's doing—the Templar steps aside, watching most of one of his colleagues vanish into it-


-expending his readied second Ultra Ball on the Arcanine Teleporting behind him, fangs bared-


Other Templar: Alumnus Forty-Two. Convince them to stay.

-Molybdenum hesitates, extending her perceptions-


-and the last of those Ultra Balls disintegrates, because the fucking sun-

-the ball releases a dog-

Tea: -!-

-the dog absorbs the sun-

   Tea's Flash Fire!

-the dog becomes god-

Other Templar: ...what the f—

-or near enough to it—it's like gazing on Amaterasu herself-

   Tea: -howls, dragon scale shining beneath her fur-   

   Tea's Outrage!

-three of the remaining Templar decide to charge Ever instead, Psycho Cuts angling for limb and knee and neck, because what the fuck-

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AnimeboyIanpower Empathic Kid Hero-in-training from Queen Mary's Castle Relationship Status: Brewing the love potion
Empathic Kid Hero-in-training
rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Sep 18th 2021 at 2:11:11 AM

Velvet Room

Igor: -To Megan (?)- Not to worry Suiko, this is no working of the School, this is all for you and your fellow inmates benefit, and your bodies are currently asleep in the real world. Do you have any more questions?

Caroline: <Speak up inmates, if you have something to say!>

Stormchaser Pantry

Chiyo: -Eating- You know, the last time we talked we ended up eating, and here we are again.

-Also eating-


Chiyo: So you've been at this sort of thing since you were a kid?


Yeah, since I was 11 I guess, that was my first real legendary encounter.

Chiyo: -Grasping her necklace- I thought that when I decided that it was better we went our separate ways, I was sparing you from a life of constant hardship, but it seems hardship found you anyway.

-To Chiyo-

I mean, I've never had to worry about being constantly hunted like you have, but it hasn't always been easy, no. You ever wonder what you're gonna do if we do manage to put an end to the School?

Chiyo: -Briefly sipping her tea- Besides celebrate? I haven't even fully figured that out yet but it'll be nice to... not worry if one day I'll slip up and the School will have finally dealt with one of its longest lasting truants, or they hurt someone to get to me.

It's... happened before.

Dactyl: <No more constantly moving around, or at least if we do, it'll be for fun and not for our lives.>

I get that, I wonder what I'll do once a certain enemy of mine is... dealt with, one way or another. Neo-Flare, and its leader Constantin in particular. I'm glad the Stormchaser has its defenses now, Shaka can't spy on us while we're in here.

Chiyo: -Slightly sharply- The fascists?

The very same.

Chiyo: -Leaning back- Well, you're helping me with my thing with the School, so when the time comes, I'll help you with yours.

I appreciate that, but you don't need to, he's mainly my responsibility.

Chiyo: I know I don't need to, but I want to. The School's not the only evil out there, and if I hang around you guys more, your enemies will invariably become mine even if I am still a J-Team Associate.


True, it's just, I don't want folks getting hurt because of me. Not that I'm saying you're weak or couldn't handle it, I'll admit I have a bit of a complex where that's concerned.

Chiyo: -Thoughtful- I feel the same way a lot of the time, I guess we're very much alike in that regard.


I guess we'll just have to try to keep each other in check, shall we? Can't leave your girlfriends alone by dying at some fascist's hands, can you?

-Cracking a smile-

I'd say the same to you and yours.

Chiyo: -Reaching out a hand- A further formalization of our partnership then?


-Cue handshake-

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memyselfandI2 Dunsparce Cloud from The Biosphere Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
Dunsparce Cloud
Sep 18th 2021 at 2:26:18 AM

Stormchaser, Percyplace

Aware: Intriguing!

-Percy just blinks-

-winks? Whatever-

-that's all-

-though their cup has cracked slightly-

Percy: (tense) How'd you manage that?

Psionic Death Grove

-Ever freezes in place-

- Pleth too-

- and Muninn three-

Ever: That's not what I want.

- they don't sound confident-

Ever: I...

Pleth: <Ggggooooooooo....tttoooo....>

-as inside her brain, a dragon drowns, weighed down by the pressure of the last ten thousand years, hanging on over oblivion-

-stubby claws scrabble for a foothold in fraying ground-

Muninn: ~...Yeah. I miss flying.~

Ever: Do you think I couldn't do that if I wanted?

Pleth: <hhhhheeeeeeee....>

Muninn: ~I don't think it's really possible to explain what flying under your own power is like, if you've never done it. I know you're going to say you've seen the memories, Not really. You haven't flown unless you've flown. Getting that taken away...sure. Special kind of hell. Not to mention being a puppet.~

Ever: I could just have Misery do it. Or Breeze would love to.

Pleth: -curling claws- <lllllllll....>

Muninn: ~...But you're a few years too late for that to find its mark.~

-Pleth's claws flash with obscura-

Pleth: <Stupid. It's me you should be scared of.>

Pleth used Night Slash!

-Ever hasn't had quite so much luck with their psychic defense, as per usual-

-they're standing there, looking dazed, tears running down their cheeks-

Merle: <...Well, uh, I guess I'll help.>

-she takes off, looking between Zayna and the ball containing Parfait-

Merle: <...Eh. Human can handle his own business.>

Merle used Embargo!

-as she disables the Pokeball-


-Templars go for Ever, who snaps out of it-

Ever: Eep!

-they snap back to utterly normal-

Bad faith, Molybdenum? For shame.

-and ducks behind the tree as they arrive-

Ersatz Alliance

-they're already well down the hall-

Ever: Have a look around! Everything's twenty percent off for now! You'll have plenty of time to window shop, because—

-and they close the door behind them-

The Forest, Again

Ever: -grinning, ear-to-ear- Did I miss anything?

Dunsparce didn't stop being a thing or anything.
Pentigan Fwomph from The Underverse
Sep 18th 2021 at 7:12:47 AM

Parfum Palace Battlements

-Gale was silent for a few moments as she processed the precise wording of what this masked origami has said-

Oooooh buddy are you just running off a script? If you are you're just as flat a character as the paper you're made of! You know I'm almost tempted to say yes just to see how it messes with you, but I'm too much of a scrawl so... Sorry!

-Gale winked and prepared not for a fight but to stabilize herself should she get thrown bodily from this palace-

Voting no, of course. I look forward to unfolding your plot, oh petulant king.

Wyndon Stadium

-James is pushed back as he's slide-tackled by the big woolly friend-

"Agent": <Don't need to be the best shot, just good enough to take you down.>

Keep it up Agent! Shoot straight, conserve water!

-James nods and goes for a second Snipe Shot-

It's clearly a case of backroom political albumizing.
AbsentCoder Some Rando from Doofenshmirtz Neutral Incorporated Relationship Status: RelationshipOutOfBoundsException: 1
Some Rando
Sep 18th 2021 at 10:44:10 AM

Parfum Julius Rematch

"The day we side with you is the day you puppeteer my Arceusdamned corpse," Kamui spat, flare forming in her palm as Kendall raised his own, Obscura turning into firescura as he looked at the paper poseurs.

"Now why don't you fold instead? You really do not want to force my hand, lest your house of cards come crumbling."

A tail from Kamui met her trainer's head, to no reaction.

[Insert Unoriginal Stinger Here]
Asterisk395 No voice to cry suffering from Hallownest Relationship Status: I've got a total eclipse of the heart
No voice to cry suffering
Sep 18th 2021 at 11:11:35 AM

Stormchaser, Percyplace

-at Percy's distress, the Elekid whips off that Scarf,

Logan: -holding it in their hands- know, I don't know?

-staring at it- I don't know what these things are or how they do what they do. I don't know if they're irradiating our bones or whatever—ostensibly, they're a gift from Mew or...from what I hear, something very much like the School, eons ago? All dead now.

-eyeing Percy, concerned (for her)- But there's whole universes out there that reject humanity, and most do so by the same mechanism that kept things sane during the Mobius Break—everything that enters is transformed into a Pokémon. And that...Pokéform, is consistent between them. Usually weirdly thematically consistent with the person transformed. Whoever or whatever's watching at the walls is working off the same playbook. Paying attention, even.

-slowly and deliberately, Addie pulls a second Scarf out of Logan's pack to wrap around her own neck-

-she turns into a human just an inch taller than Logan, resembling them, with dark eyes and a puff of electric blue hair tied up behind her head-

Ranger!Addie: -waves-

Logan: -drumming their fingers on their knee- wouldn't happen to know if the School's attempted to grant people Pokémon speech comprehension by embedding trace elements of Pokémon DNA in their own, would you? That's the running theory for how that bit of these work, but I'm not sure I buy it.

Ranger!Addie: -leaning on their shoulder- Granted, reaction meme, "That doesn't sound right, but I don't know enough about" -clicks button on Styler- human-Pokémon evolutionary trees

Ranger!Addie: dispute it.

Logan: And it does work—Pokédexes and Stylers identify those humans as that Pokémon with a close enough scan, and side effect or no, that "language" acquisition is one of the central weirdnesses of the J-Team. Less unique now that so many people fell into the sky into those universes, but it's there.

-they've pulled a napkin or two from their bag, getting ready to retrieve fluid and also shards perhaps from between Percy's fingers-

Logan: -gently- What's on your mind?

Ersatz Alliance, Templar

-one Templar races down the hall to slam bodily into the exit door, futilely rattling the handle-

-the second Templar snorts and takes the Stormchaser exit, readying their blades-

Stormchaser: .

-and finds themself launched ass-over-Polteageist through five racks of clothing by a profoundly unlikely confluence of spatial phenomena-

-...the third exits a side door to a new life, whistling all the while-

Psionic Helping Grove

Molybdenum: -on that line between petulant and aggrieved- ~You want fewer people hurt! Why won't you let me help you? Why won't you let any of us help—~

-Ever leaves and comes back—and like the flip of a switch-

Ribot: -mild- ~Not much.~

Ramona: -suddenly cold- ~Fine. Have it your way.~

-she turns and points at Fritte's ball, which seals itself with an anticlimactic click-

Ribot: -to Pleth- ~Oh, I'm trembling in my vintage 2007 Gucci human-leather b

-Pleth's claws pass through Ribot like a hot knife through grey matter, two halves of a Beheeyem thudding to the forest floor-

-to Muninn- ~Are you certain?~

-Obscura steams from the exposed inner surfaces—Psychic regeneration is disrupted-

~Are you truly certain?~

-...a short distance away, the charred half of a Templar stirs-

-shudders, and rises, forcing itself upright with its remaining arm and leg, lung inflating-

ex-Templar!Ribot: -cracking his jaw, rasping- We could make new marks.

-his Recover drags organic molecules from the surrounding foliage to regenerate-

~We could give you a new body.~

-The machine hisses and steams as oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus are laid down, with traces of chlorine, sodium, sulfur, magnesium, and potassium added for good measure.-

~With your expertise, made to your specifications—among the highest-ranking of our consultants, for what you know. For what your mind is capable of.~

 Mind-File Ransei-381 

The scientists tittered in glee at the find—genuine Demon Mutagen, from the age of fabled Illusio! Attempts to replicate its formula all end in vain, but the discovery that Aura can be used to encourage growth of the seed stock is met with resounding joy.

They fed the mass corpse after corpse, analyzing the corroded remains—spectro- and Spectrascopic analysis returning fascinating readings.

And then they fed it the children.

The result demanded termination. But their findings gave rise to a Class of phantoms and phantasms—all feeble shades of the wielder, and the substance's original purpose.

ex-Templar!Ribot: -eyeing Pleth, to Muninn- ~Why do you put up with this abuse? Why do you put up with these people? They have conditioned you as thoroughly as anything my ward has accomplished, and insult you all the while.~

~You've lived a hundred times their expected lifetimes, five hundred times what they'll be allowed to. What is a matter of years? You indulge a moment of ash and dust, and it is consuming you.~

-in the distance, Zayna almost idly whirls her chain—she watches Hiro fighting five other Templar at once, ducking one's Psywave to glare aside another's Hypnosis—to burn their face off before they can turn their power on more vulnerable allies-

~The boy, there, in red and white—he understands the folly of self-delusion. To pretend to be anything but what you are. Why do you lie?~

ex-Templar!Ribot: -ostensibly to Ever, but truly to Muninn- You could have true colleagues, again.

~Let me help you.~

-no tricks, no traps—he strikes at Ever's brain with intent to kill-

Ribot used Skill Swap!

-in exchange for their grace, he grants them the corpse's ability to die-

-Hiro skids back, his sword wrapped in layers of insulating cape held with one hand at each end to dissipate the force of Zayna's hammer-

Zayna: -reeling it in again, magnetically- Is that it?

-her hammer strikes bare earth—a leader snakes invisibly from the spot-

-Hiro dives to the side as a bolt streaks from her hammer, incinerating the spot where he stood-

Zayna: The infamous specter dogging our heels—is this all you've got?

Hiro: -huff- You'll know it when you see it.

Templar: -Fritte's Ball in hand- ~Zayna! I've captured one—get the Alumnus to secure the others and I~

Molybdenum: -hiss- ~Run.~

-Hiro tracks the flicker of Zayna's eyes to-

Hiro: -furious- Tea! There!

-he blows the Yellow Flute—Tea breaks from chewing apart the other elite Templar's barriers to glare at that Templar-

-the Templar makes a break for the tree line—Hiro's Mean Look locks them in place, burning their feet to the earth-

-the moment he looks away, Zayna's hammer smashes into Hiro's shoulder-

Hiro: -screams-

Zayna: -scoff- Too easy.

-she whirls it around herself toward Hiro's other side-

- —Tea melts the offending Templar's arm off—-

-a waxy click, and Hiro catches the hammer by the handle-

Hiro: -tears steaming off his face, grunts-

-his white-hot sword shears clean through the chain-

Zayna: —how dare you—!

-and despite the broken shoulder(?), Hiro plants the sword and brings his hands together-

-the fires raging around the clearing blaze bright and streak for Zayna-

Hiro used Grudge Fire Spin!

Hiro: No more lightning.

-he ducks a stray Psybeam from one of the remaining grunts—the flames seem to absorb the current as Zayna calls it-

Hiro: No more theft.

-two unsealed Pokéballs whisked up by convection soar toward her-

-Zayna snarls, her own fulgurous blaze beating against the cage, setting her vibrating-

-Hiro's stomp sets the grass ablaze, leaving no room for her to exercise her supernatural speed-

Hiro: -snapping his fingers- No more Templar.

-Zayna joins her specialized telekinesis with the impulse driving her lungs to ''breathe lightning—Chips's ball is struck and soars off course-

Ramona: -swears-

-Molybdenum mentally reaches for Parfait's ball—Merle's Embargo walls it off first-

-a hundred and fifty kilograms of Emboar takes control of the flame, moving to hurl her through the trunk of a tree-

Ramona: -pointing at Merle- ~You're next, bird!~

-she nudges one of the...four or so, remaining Templar, far from the fray- ~If you won't stay out of it...~

-their Miracle Eye opens wide, and Ramona gives Merle the polite but urgent suggestion to fold her wings and let gravity have its way with her-

 The Velvet Room 

Megan(?) Suiko: -through narrowed eyes- We'll see.

Pollen: <...what the fuck.>

Thespi: Not a word, warden. ^_^

-Suiko raises a hand—not that Thespi can see it, or that she can accomplish more than inch, in her bindings-

Suiko: How is this meant to help us?

Thespi: Are you going to torture us? :o

Pollen: -buzzing, restrained- <What do you get out of this?>

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Umbramatic Meet The New Boss from WAAPT usually, sometimes WHABP or maybe PEFE Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
Meet The New Boss
Sep 18th 2021 at 11:17:35 AM

Wedgehurst, Daydre Zone

-Merlin finally frowns-

Merlin: "Yes... One day he left Galar, and never came back, saying he was looking for something."

-He holds up the object he was inspecting, a chunk of... something covered in runes-

"This is my only hint to where he went."

Fou: <It's been a real Swanna chase so far.>

Wedgehurst, PEF Every Zone

???: "You're a funny lady, you know that."

-she's not laughing. Or showing any emotions for that matter.-

"The victim was my uncle. My only hints were the hand was cut off his corpse and the stump was burnt. Everyone thought it was an accident. I know better."

Toxicrity: <Yeah it was super weird...>

Parfum Palace Balcony

Shiny Origami Yamask: -to Gale- <You're a funny one, you know that?>

-to the others-

<Ah, I expected nothing less. And to be honest I wouldn't have it any other way. Take a good, long look at Prince Julius. He's better off this way, don't you think? No need to answer. You'll soon feel the power of origami for yourself. Folded Soldiers! Come forth!>

-Two normal Origami Yamask emerge from the door-

-Followed by several Origami Rabbids-

-One unusually small-

Olivia: <I've never seen Folded Soldiers like that... Does it look like one of your non-paper friends?>

Tiny Origami Rabbid: <B-Bwah...>

-The Rabbids lunge-

Wyndon Stadium

-Neon sits in the challenger waiting room here, Kofun at his side-

Neon: "I've put this off far too long. I'm gonna do it!"

Kofun: <Are you sure you still have it in you after so long?>

Neon: "Of course! You, me, the others... WE can do this. We can do this. Y-=Yeah, we can do this."

Kofun: <You don't seem certain.>

Neon: "...I'm not. But like. We made it this far. We gotta try. We gotta. "

Kofun: <There's the spirit. I trust your judgement.>

Attendant: "OK, Neon, you're up!"

-Neon gulps. Then recalls Kofun and exits out onto the field-

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Sep 18th 2021 at 12:05:08 PM

Parfum Palace, far past

Ann: -Sends out Genmei while getting out another Poké Ball- Go, Lesia!

-Sends out a Vileplume-

Use Moonblast!

Lesia: -Glows before firing a blast from her flower at the Rabbids-

Genmei: -Starts Throat Chopping at the Yamask-

Ann: -To Makoto- Focus on that little one.

Makoto: -Starts sizing up the smallest Rabbid-

Wyndon Stadium, past

Yew: -Skids back from Agent's second Snipe Snot as she does another Swords Dance-

Stormchaser, today

Chiyo: -Is looking at what appears to be some sort of very young children's show-

-Has ended up sitting with them-

How come you're watching this?

Chiyo: I've always had a bit of a fascination with childhood, since I never actually had one. I was made at 14, so I had a most of a teenagerhood, but not really a childhood. People should be more thankful to have a childhood, even for those not created like us Schoolpeople it can be so easily taken away.


That's true.

Chiyo: Or parents. It's a common joke amongst us Schoolkids that our fathers are the templates they use to create us, and our mother is the machine we're created in. Not a clone, like some of the soldiers I fought, but I think we're closer to homunculi...

Human all the same, though.


Since we're talking about humans, no offense Dactyl, Muddy.

Dactyl: <None taken Tagg.>

Muddy: -Nods-

My little bit of Swampert DNA aside. I kinda wonder if weremons might have higher admixture since they don't need an item to transform, it's more of a focus.

Chiyo: So apart from whoever they used to create my template I'm some percentage cream now?

Really small amount, but yes.

Chiyo: And that's why it still allow us to understand Pokémon even after we turn back.

My running theory is one of those genes is whatever makes mons pick up languages so easily, or at least when it comes to standard Monese. A Pikachu from Kanto and a Pikachu from Kalos can understand each other without issue, but not necessarily two humans from those regions.

Chiyo: -Thinking back to a certain fight- Do you think a Burst Heart would work similarly to my armband, or your Armband?

Hmm, not sure...

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Sep 18th 2021 at 12:46:55 PM

Parfum Battle

With her hand closing around her flame, Kamui threw it down like a smoke bomb, causing a detonation of fire under a group of origami soldiers.

Kendall slid a finger across his field of vision, a razor-thin blade of darkness sweeping across the room as it followed, striking the enemies as it did.

He paused at a Yamask, smirking as he send a bolt of dark power from where he stood while pointing at the Ghost-type.

[Insert Unoriginal Stinger Here]
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Sep 18th 2021 at 2:30:08 PM

Somewhere in Rural Galar

It was a quiet, moonlit night. A fancy-looking car drives down the only stretch of road in the area. From a distance was various fallow fields, overgrown hedgerows, and thick woodlands. The sounds of wild pokémon can be heard rustling from the tall grass of the meadows and fens. What appeared to be distant medieval ruins could be seen in silhouette against the starry skies, as well as the faint, dimly lit structures of a farmhouse and barn on the opposite side of the horizon.

Driving the sedan was blond young man in his 20s, dressed in a dress shirt and tie and wearing a baggy hooded university sweatshirt over it. His companions consisted of two other people, an older woman sitting in the front passenger seat, and a teenager at the back.

The place they were driving toward was just as ominous. It was the only place that had adequate lighting, yet it was still rather dim. It had the clear and ominous outlines of a castle from the late medieval period, although one that had remained continuously occupied and, thus, meticulously maintained. It had a moat. A curious observer would notice the faint outline of caravanha fins occasionally poking out of the water in the moonlight.

Upon the car's arrival, the draw bridge automatically dropped. They drove by.

They stopped at the keep's large entrance. The driver stepped out and opened the door for his passengers. Awaiting them was a Golurk.

Igor: Here we are, ma'am. Castle Cassander, Dr. Circhester's humble home. Adam will see to your belongings. The good doctor will be with us shortly.

A tall, imposing figure stepped out of the castle's door. It was an impeccably dressed man wearing a well-tailored shirt, slacks, and waistcoat.

Dr. Cassander: They needn't wait long, Igor.

Igor: Dr. Circhester, what an unexpected surprise. You told me earlier that you planned to meet them in the Great Hall.

Dr. Cassander: Change of plans. It would be rude for a gentleman host to not see to his guest personally. Good evening, Dr. Azala. I trust your journey has been well. Enjoy your stay tonight. If you need anything at all, Igor will be happy to provide.

Igor, saluting: At your service.

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Sep 18th 2021 at 2:32:35 PM

Parfum Palace Balcony

-A Rabbid or two is taken out by the attacks-

-They start Hyper Voicing back-

Stormchaser, Tagg And Chiyo Zone

-Owen suddenly bursts in-


Wyndon Stadium

-Neon walks out onto the pitch and is greeted by a handsome man with punk-y clothes and exceptionally wild black and white hair-

'Piers: "Hmmm, not sure what to pin your style as... Jazz? Synthwave?"

Neon: "I'm kind of a classic ska person honestly."

Piers: "Not bad, not bad... But can you stand up to my Galarian punk vibes?"

Neon: "Uh, maybe?"

Piers: -scoffs- "Show some more resolve than that kid. Marnie convinced me to do this tourney and I'm not gonna let her down with a bad match!"


Cavendish: <He seems nervous...>

Dakota: <I'd be nervous too, looks like that hair's gonna come to life and attack any second!>

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Parfum Palace, past

Genmei: -Doesn't take much damage and continues attacking-

Lesia: -Takes a bit more damage- <Oof!>

-And spores start flowing in the opposite team's direction-

Lesia used Poison Powder!

Stormchaser, today

-As I'm about to give Chiyo my best theory on the subject, my Aura Sense pings to a quickly approaching figure, though it doesn't make the door slamming with Owen's arrival any less loud-

...Please don't burst in like that.

We could've killed you.

Chiyo: You know this guy?

In more ways than one. First time I've seen him since his... change of heart to keep it easy.

-To Owen-

I assume you have something to share.

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Sep 18th 2021 at 3:05:56 PM

Stormchaser, Tagg and Chiyo Zone

Owen: Weeeeeeeeeeeell, I found this trainwreck in the woods, and there was this weird rock inside, so I asked this Hiro guy what it was, and he said it was a Burst Heart and very dangerous, and we went to the trainwreck, and beat up a bunch of School guys, and I was confused, and then Hiro said I should leave to figure out how to free the Ariados, so I did,and then I found you. Can you help me figure out how to free this thing?

-He holds up the Burst Heart with the Ariados-

Wyndon Stadium

-Piers sends out a Scrafty-

-Neon sends out a Hatterne-

Neon: "Emma, Dazzling Gleam!"

Emma: <Hmm, yes, I shall study the results of this closely...>

Piers: "Not so fast. Scrafty, Bullet Punch!"

Scraftyy: <G-Get back, Fairy!>

-They strike Emma with a steely fist, and she winces-

Emma: <That stung... But not enough.>

-She fires a blast of sparkly energy at the Scrafty, knocking it out pretty much instantly-

-Piers promptly sends out a Skuntank-

Piers: "Poison Jab!"

-The Skuntank runs up and jabs Emma with poison-lased claws, knocking her out in turn.-

'Neon: "Oh. Oh no..."


Cavendish: <That's one down...>

Dakota: <You could say that Skuntank smells of defeat!>

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Sep 18th 2021 at 3:17:22 PM

Velvet Room

O-Y-O-O!Mite: -With a slightly condescending air- There's not going to be any torture.

Igor: The Velvet Room reflects the needs of its guests, since you are in need of rehabilitation, that is why it takes the form you see now. I am merely the proprietor, and you'll need assistance, which can be given in more ways than one.

Stormchaser, today

-Chiyo and I share glances as Owen tells his story-

A trainwreck?

Chiyo: ...In the woods?

-To Chiyo-

I thought you said you fought them above the [Atlantic] far from any sort of land?

Chiyo: Some of the cars might've somehow washed up onshore or got launched when the main car hit the water, we didn't exactly stick around after I killed Gerald.

-Looking at the jewel-

But that, it's definitely the Burst Heart Hortensia had before I killed her.

-To Owen-

Remove the Pokémon from the Burst Heart? That'll probably take some doing.

Chiyo: -More serious- School guys? Can you tell me a little more about them? Like what they were doing?

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Sep 18th 2021 at 4:11:33 PM

Circhester Stadium, VS Gordie and Melony

-The Shadow Bowling Ball blasts the sandstorm shield surrounding Gordie's Gigalith apart, knocking the Compressed Pokémon backwards.-

Simon: <STRIKE!>

Me: Yuki-sama! Use Shadow Ball!

Melony: Froslass, you use your Shadow Ball!

Gordie: Gigalith! Use Stone Edge!

Evelyn: Simon, send it back with Psychic!

-Yuki and Melony's Froslasses circle each other swiftly in the storm of hailstones, firing orbs of shadowy power at each other. Gordie's Gigalith stomps the ground, raising several pillars of stone in Simon's direction. Simon's eyes glow blue as he thrusts out his hand, breaking the stone pillars and launching them back at Gigalith.-

Melony: Froslass, use Thunderbolt!

Me: Yuki, use Ice Beam!

-Yuki and Melony's Froslass rise higher over the battlefield, with Yuki firing a blue beam of subzero energy from her mouth at Melony's Froslass, and Melony's Froslass meets it with a pure white bolt of lightning.-


-Ian and Evelyn are helped back to their feet by Kim.-

Me: Thanks, Kim.

Evelyn: We'll be fine.

Piku-chan: <Wow... So this is Spikemuth.>


Evelyn: We've come this far...

Me: I'm ready when you two are.

Giant's Cap

-As Evelyn cries over her friend's body, she hears Cof's voice.-

Evelyn: C-Cof? Is that you?

-Sophie skates up to Vana, clearly worried.-

Sophie: Vana... Why?

Parfum Palace, Folded Soldier Showdown

Me: Looks like they mean business!

Evelyn: Let's show them we mean business as well. Hatty, use Brutal Swing!

Me: Piku-chan?

Piku-chan: <Ready when you are, Ian!>

Me: Great! Use Iron Tail!

-Piku-chan and Hatty jump off their trainers shoulders. A dark aura of violence surrounds Hatty's braids as she swings them at a small group of the Folded Soldiers. Piku-chan's tail glows with a metallic sheen as he swings it at some of the other Folded Soldiers.-

Rebel Island, Dressing Room

Emilie: Sure, but if you don't, I won't look. I promise.

Somewhere in Rural Galar

-A raffish looking nonbinary scientist steps out of the car to greet Dr. Circhester, bringing with them a black-haired, purple-eyed boy, standing at 4'7" tall, wearing a yellow and blue shirt, red scarf, black pants, and black with neon-blue sneakers.-

Dr. Azala: Thank you, Cassander. The journey has been well. And I thank you for doing this.

Show me the wisdom of the world... Tell me the secrets of the heart... and the sweet~ mysteries~ of love~...
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Sep 18th 2021 at 4:18:25 PM

Stormchaser, Tagg and Chiyo Zone

Owen: I KNOW it'll take doing! That's why I need help figuring it out! And wait, that was YOU?!

-thinks a bit-

Hiro said they were cleaning up their mess. Salvaging genetic material. Stuff like that.

Parfum Balcony

-More Origami Rabbids are taken out, with the remainder being poisoned and switching to spitting out Shadow Balls-

Wyndon Stadium

Neon: "Uh... Uhhhhhhh... Go Catty!"

-Catty is sent out-

Catty: <You dare defy my comrades, PLEBIAN?>

Neon: "Earthquake!"

-Catty stomps the ground, shaking it. The Skuntank squeals and topples over, unconscious-

Piers: "Nice one. Go Malamar!"

-A Malamar is sent out and chuckles-


-The Malamar rams into Catty with great force, Caddy skidding from the impact-

Catty: <You think you're the only one who can pack a punch?>

Neon: "Play Rough!"

-Catty glows with sparkly energy as she rams into the Malamar. The Malamar screeches and lobs a Psycho Cut, but Catty rams it again, KO ing it-

Neon: "Yes! We're getting-"

-Piers sends out an Absol-

-Who slaps Catty with a Sucker Punch, K Oing her-



Cavendish: <An ill open indeed...>

Dakota: <It ain't over til' the Absol proclaims our doom.>

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Sep 18th 2021 at 6:59:27 PM

Parfum Palace, past

-Ann's mons move to finish off the rest of the Rabbids-


Chiyo: -Thinking- They probably wanted whatever biological material they could sift out of Hortensia's ashes to presumably make a newer, better Templar.

-To Owen-

Just smashing it with a strong enough attack might work, but I'm not sure if the Ariados would survive. My best guess as to a safer method would be to do the sort of ritual that you use to extract an essence, if slightly modified so that we're not just removing the Ariados' soul and leaving only the body husk behind.

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Sep 18th 2021 at 7:05:30 PM

Stormchaser, Tagg and Chiyo Zone

Owen: "...How would one do such a ritual?"

Wyndon Stadium

-Neon, hurriedly, sends out a Dracovish-

Dracovish: <Aw yeah, Nee Man! We've hit the big time!>

Neon: "No time to celebrate yet. Fret, Fishious Rend that Absol!"

Fret: <On it dude!>

-A watery current envelops his jaws as he bites down on the Absol. The Absol yelps and lashes back with a Megahorn, sending Fret skidding back, but Fret just repeats his attack to KO it-

Piers: "Hmm. Nice one. Krookodile!"

-A Krookodile is sent out-

Neon: "Ha! Easy! That's weak to-"

Piers: "Outrage!"

-The Krookodile charges, wreathed in draconic flame-

Neon: ...Oh. FRET DOGE!

Fret: <Yowza! Outta the way!>

-Fret tries to jump out of the way as best as his awkwardly-placed legs can carry him, but still gets grazed and stumbles from the Krookodile's charge. He however, manages to turn it around and Fishous Rend the Krookodile in the side, K Oing it-

Piers: "Well! You've cornered me. Time for my ace rocker!"

-Sends out an Obstagoon-

Fret: <Ha! Come on dude, I can take yo->

-The Obstagoon slams him in his "neck" with a Throat Chop-

-Which would have shut him up even if it didn't KO him-

Neon: "...Oh no no no no no..."


Cavendish: <I knew Fret wasn't well put together...>

Dakota: <And look at how he fell apart!>

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Sep 18th 2021 at 7:25:38 PM


(Braker focuses his camera on the ensuing battle in front of him.)


Kim: "Indeed it is." (She looks around.) "Seems as though the place is somewhat barren today. I don't see much of anyone here..."

Braker: "Usually there are Team Yell members on the streets."

Walter: <Ah, but we should still be wary. At any moment, someone might come out and surprise us.>

Kim: "Yes, but... it still is odd."

(And then:)

Team Yell Member:    "Oi! Ya here ta ba'le Marnie, are ya?"   

(Kim promptly turns to face the speaker— and sees that it is indeed a Team Yell member, situated at a makeshift desk.)

Kim: "Ah. Yes, I certainly am."

Team Yell Member:    "Good! You be'er change into yer uniform, then!"   

Kim: "Don't worry." (She holds it up.) "I have it with me." (then, glancing around) "Now where is the— a-ha!"

(She heads off to the changing rooms, before turning to face Braker, Ian, and Evelyn.)

Kim: "Excuse me for one moment."

(She promptly enters the changing room.)


(Kim exits, now wearing her Gym Challenge uniform— and a Mega Ring.)

Kim: "Alright. I'm ready."

Team Yell Member:    "Oi! Good luck out there! The Gym is straight ahead."   

Kim: "Thank you." (beat) "Is there a mission?"

Team Yell Member:    "Wot, ya mean like a puzzle? Not really. Ya just go and fight Marnie."   

Kim: "Oh? Well then. In that case..." (She holds up her Mega Ring with the Ampharosite in hand.) "I'm going to make it the best battle that Marnie's ever seen."

Team Yell Member: (stunned) [[evil: "Wo— th-that's— that's a—"

(Kim nods, then turns to face Braker.)

Kim: "Braker? Let's get going."

(Braker nods, and follows Kim as she heads to the Spikemuth Gym pitch.)

Team Yell Member:    "Oi! Not so fast, though!"   

(Kim promptly turns to face the Team Yell member, and then- several others emerge.)

Team Yell Member #2:    "You'll 'ave ta fight us first!"   

(Kim looks on for a few— then takes out a PokeBall.)

Kim: (with confidence) "Bring it on."



(Braker gets on the sidelines and loads up his video camera.)

Spikemuth Gym Pitch

(Kim, having defeated all the Gym Trainers, promptly enters on to the pitch— and soon notices a stray microphone on the stage, presumably from the time when Piers was gym leader. She looks down for a bit, as she remembers the last time she Mega Evolved Grohl and an idea comes to her.)

Kim: (thinking to herself) I wonder...

(However, she is soon broken out of her reverie when Marnie promptly enters on to the stage. Kim looks up and sees Marnie, before grinning.)

Kim: "So. You must be Marnie."

Marnie: "I am. I take it you've come fer a battle?"

Kim: "You know it. Don't hold back anything."

Marnie: "I know that this Gym doesn't use Dynamaxing, but I promise you I won't."

(They both take out a PokeBall.)


Marnie: "Alright then! Let's begin this!" (She throws her PokeBall.) "Liepard, let's do this!"

(The ball opens, and a Liepard promptly emerges.)

Liepard: <Grrrreetings, Trrrrainer...>

(Kim, meanwhile, smirks.)

Kim: "You don't know how terrified my first choice was in battling you. But he did it anyway." (She throws her own PokeBall.) "Red alert, Freddie!"

(The ball opens, and Freddie appears in a flash, looking up at the Liepard in front of him with evident nervousness.)

Freddie: <U-um... h-hello there...>

(He quickly hides his grippers from view— but the Liepard notices.)

Liepard: <You still have grrrrrippers, I see.>

(Freddie winces.)

Freddie: <D-don't remind me...!>

Liepard: <I've never seen a Drrrrizile with grrrrippers before.> (then, with her glare hardening) <Why is that, hmmm...? A deformity, perrrhaps?>

Freddie: (starting to tear up) <P-please... d-don't remind me...>


Kim: "Good. I'm very much ready. The question, of course, is which one of us is going to go first."

Parfum Palace

Kim: "Oh, we'd never join you in a million years." (then, to Peechee) "Peechee! Hit 'em with Night Slash!"

Peechee: (his eyes flashing red) <YOU WANT TO VIDDY MY NOZH?! HERE IT IS!>

(He holds his pincer up above his head, and it glows a bright black- before he then proceeds to slam it down on some of the Origami Yamask.)

Peechee used Night Slash!

Rebel Island Dressing Room

Howie: "Alright, then." (beat) "D-don't look..."

(He promptly starts to undress himself.)

The Wild Area (Ingrid)

Ananpi: <Oh, no! It's not a contest thing, chu~ I just really like Pikachu!>

Ingrid: "I don't think it's a contest thing..." (then, noticing the Barraskewda) "Who's the Barraskewda?"

Hi, I’m oghond, and I’m a Rushaholic. Sorry if I annoy you unintentionally. 😅
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Wyndon Stadium

Neon: ''Come on, come on... Kofun and Petey are weak to that thing so the only option is...

"Go, Haku!"

-Haku is send out-

Haku: <So, it's come to this. I won't let you down Neon>

Peirs: "Nice try. Cross Chop!"

-The Obstagoon lunges-

'Neon" "Haku, dodge it! Dragon Pulse!"

-Haku kind of floats out of the way and fires a draconic beam at the Obstagoon. It flinges, but leaps up to deliver another Cross Chop straight at Haku's flank, knocking him to the ground-

Neon: HAKU!

Haku: -slowly getting up- <Y...    You.>   

Haku's Beserk activated!

Neon: "Oh... OH! Haku quick, Draco Meteor!"

-Haku roars in rage as fiery meteors pur from his mouth and home in on the Obstagoon-

Obstagoon: <...Oh bollocks.>


-When the smoke clears the Obstagoon is unconscious-

Piers:" "...Hm. Marley, how was that?"


-Cavendish and Dakota look over to the goth girl sitting next to them, who, with a blank expression, gives a thumbs up-

Wyndon Stadium

Piers: "My sis approves! That's how you know it was a good fight. Nice job kid. "

-Neon just kind of stares, then cheers-

Piers: "Don't get too excited yet. There's still the rest of the tournament to go. Good luck."

Neon: "Oh... Right."

Haku: <We'll... Need to prepare...>

Neon: "...Come on, buddy. We need to get you and the others healed up".

-And they exit-

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Sep 18th 2021 at 8:06:22 PM


-To Owen-

Well, I can set it up, we'll just need to move over to a new room.

Chiyo: -Interested- Now this I have to see.

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Sep 18th 2021 at 8:32:08 PM

Stormchaser, Tagg And Chiyo Zone

Owen: ...Oh. Right. Lead the way!

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