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  • Designated Hero / Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Kim Basinger's character Sally comes off like this. Decades ago, when she was Razor's girlfriend, she once saw what she assumed was him cheating on her. Rather than confront him about that or end the relationship, she decided to take revenge on him by sleeping with his rival, The Kid. This turned the rivalry between the two into full-blown hatred. When it turned out, The Kid got her pregnant, she rejected his proposal to marry him and forbade him to see his son, BJ. She also hid the truth about BJ's parentage from him until he was in his 30s. While The Kid is hardly an angel and Razor was constantly putting his career before his relationship with Sally, their flaws are recognized as such and The Kid does make efforts to make amends to his son. Sally not letting The Kid to raise his son (not that he tried all that hard) or lying to BJ his entire life is portrayed as no big deal, and she never seems to be sorry for either. She is remorseful about the way her relationship with Razor ended but merely in a 'Sorry I overreacted and did a stupid thing' sort of way. Despite treating the men in her life terribly, the movie views her as a perfectly good Love Interest for Razor and them getting back together is supposed to be a good thing.

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