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YMMV / Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble

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  • Author's Saving Throw: With the increase in Scramble Battles in the US version compared to the Japanese version, it's allowed for NHN to include Yo-kai from the first two games that were released much later in Puni Puni without spoiling the third game. The inclusion of the Momotaronyans (Taronyan, Doggynyan, Monkeynyan, Pheasanyan) and the Big Bosses from Yo-kai Watch Busters also helped (and pleased fans with the confirmation that the spin-off is getting localized).
  • Broken Base:
    • The US version and its lack of events in comparison to the Japanese version. Some players are sick of it and dropped it in favor of Puni Puni, while others are annoyed but understand that Yo-kai Watch in the US is far behind Japan (getting the Yo-kai Watch games way later).
    • The introduction of the Lucky Crank-a-Kai into the US version is either seen as an Author's Saving Throw to people that wanted the game to be more like the Japanese version, or rigged nonsense that's impossible to get the really awesome new stuff.
  • Game-Breaker: Hoo boy.
    • Yo-kai that directly attack all. Including Komashura, Sproink S, Kyryn, Libertynyan S, and Swelterrier. Amazing for earning money.
    • Yo-kai that directly attack a single target. Including Demuncher, Chymera, Uber Geeko, Ogralus, Nul, and Faux Kappa. Amazing for Score Attack.
    • Attack Boosters. Including Blazion Awoken, Mass Mutterer (both also heal), Unikirin, Komajiro S, Beelzebold, and Gargaros. Helps with both.
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    • Score Boosters. Including Elder Bloom, Unpleasent, Arachnevil, and Sgt. Burly. Helps with both.
    • Slurpent! The best inflater by far. Where every other inflater is limited to two, Slurpent can grow around 7-8 Wib Wob at a time.
    • Tracer Yo-kai, which allow you to trace your finger over the board and pop lots of Wib Wob for extremely high scores and money growth. Only Libertynyan SS has this in The US, but the Japanese version has several others.
  • Surprise Difficulty: Non-fans of the series will think it's a cute and easy game. Well, it's gets difficult as it goes on.
  • That One Boss:
    • Sproink, as his attack spot is not revealed until you pop the belly button blobs. This doesn't sound hard, but he can attack you repeatedly until you lose.
    • McKraken also counts after the game was updated with more levels.


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