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  • Broken Base: Not so much the concept of the series in of itself, but much like The Logan Legacy which preceded it, the choice of cast for Wolverines elicited a significant amount of controversy among the fanbase. Though X23, Daken and Sabretooth were viewed as appropriate choices, many fans found the presence of Mystique and Deathstrike puzzling. In particular many questioned why other characters with far more history with Wolverine such as Jubilee or Kitty Pryde weren't included on the roster in place of the latter two.
    • Jubilee had recently adopted a baby in Adjectiveless X-Men, while Kitty had shortly afterwards left Earth to join her new boyfriend Star-Lord and his Guardians of the Galaxy team, so neither character was in any position to get involved.
    • Although only just introduced, Fantomelle is already proving to be a base breaker, with some fans enjoying what has been revealed about the character so far, as well as the unique spin of a thief who targets superheroes. For the other half, their objection is mainly founded on her not being Gambit.
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    • The rotating artist on every issue has proven a mixed bag among the fans, with the art in some issues being lauded, while others are received far more unfavorably.
  • Funny Moments:
    • The Gripses casual disregard when Shogun kills one of them. Except for one, who calls him a monster.
    • The fact that Sinister used Ben Reilly as a cloning template.
    • The cover to issue 13: Deadpool with garden tools strapped to his hands for claws, and a bird taped to his face with its wings outstretched to resemble Logan's hair.
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • When Daken has his arm and one of his eyes taken by Sinister after Siphon stripped away his healing factor, in issue 2 of Wolverines Laura sits vigil by his bedside, worrying over his condition.
    Laura: Logan is dead. You're the only family...sort-of-family...I have left. I'm here if you need me, no matter where this takes us.
    • Fantomelle repaying Laura for helping her against Siphon (the only one of the team who was geniunely trying to help her, and not just because they needed her) by giving her one of Wolverine's old costumes.
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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Both Deadpool and Destiny believe the world needs a Wolverine in it. Deadpool because...well, it's Deadpool. However Destiny foresaw the upcoming Incursions that would destroy reality, and realized that Logan's death was a lynchpin event in the fate of the multiverse. The only way that existence would survive would be for Mystique to bring Logan back from the dead. She therefore manipulates Mystique into carrying out a convoluted scheme that Mystique thinks will bring Destiny back to life. When she discovers the truth, Mystique is incensed and refuses to bring Logan back, preferring to doom all of existence to bringing him back. Marvel then revealed that following the conclusion of Secret Wars, X-23 would be taking on the Wolverine mantle, apparently fulfilling Destiny's prophecy anyway.
  • Idiot Plot: The entire last arc requires pretty much everyone to do the exact stupidest thing possible in order to fulfill Mystique's plan:
    • First, she dumps everyone into a cell with a hungry Siphon. Rather than Shogun and Daken — the former who doesn't have a healing factor and the latter who was already drained — stepping in to keep him off the rest of the group, they allow Siphon to drain Sabretooth, X-23 (who tried to help him), and Deathstrike one-by-one.
    • Then, when Mystique used their captured healing powers to enact her plan and returned the drained Siphon to their cell, they use him to track Mystique's location. Upon finding her, rather than turn the starved Siphon loose on her, Deathstrike decapitates him just because.
    • Mystique then uses a smoke bomb to escape the group, and Deathstrike (again) suggests splitting up. To find the shape shifter. This allows Mystique to take them out one-by-one by disguising herself as the other members of the group.
      • This is particularly bad since issue 15 establishes X-23 knows how to tell Mystique from someone she's disguised as, yet she still lets Mystique get the drop on her disguised as Daken.
  • Moment of Awesome:
    • Sinister ripping off Daken's arm, and casually plucking out his eye right in the very first issue.
    • A double-whammy for X-23 in Wolverines#15:
      • Although the duel between Daken and Siphon is personal, she utterly takes control of the conflict. She directs Blade in disabling Siphon and forcing him to back down from killing him, and talks Daken down from doing so by pointing out killing Siphon would never be enough for him. And all the while empathizing with Siphon when she realizes that, like her, Siphon was made a killer.
      • And then at the end of the issue she reveals to Mystique that she knows how to identify her, and won't tell her how she did it and will leave her guessing. And then tells her she's not just going to play along with Mystique's game and be used.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: In issue 15, Laura reveals that she knows how to tell the difference between Mystique and the person she's impersonating, and warns her that she won't just stand by and be a pawn in her games. This sets up an epic cat and mouse battle of wits between the two, particularly as Laura's training and skill set makes her incredibly dangerous to Mystique's operations. It all amounts to nothing in the end, as the entire cast gets jobbed in the final issue.

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