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YMMV / 21 Bridges

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  • Director Displacement: The marketing emphasized the name of the producers (Joe and Anthony Russo) more than that of the director (Brian Kirk).
  • Magnificent Bastard: Captain Matt McKenna is the head of the 85th precinct who has several corrupt cops on his payroll. Teaming up with various drug dealers, McKenna and his officers distribute drugs throughout New York City without any other precincts in the city knowing of their illegal activities. When several officers are killed during a botched robbery, McKenna has his officers hastily hunt down the criminals whilst also eliminating any potential witnesses or allies who could expose his operation. After one of the robbers uncovers evidence exposing the drug operation, McKenna has him murdered even after he gives himself up. Once confronted by protagonist Andre Davis about his schemes, McKenna calmly tries to explain that he did what he did to support the officers and their families before attempting to kill him too when Andre tries to arrest him.