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YMMV / The Last Lamia

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  • Complete Monster: Dr. Theodore Erswick works for Avatech, aiding their hostile takeover. He assists Avatech in committing mass genocide on the Lamia species to harvest their DNA and use it to genetically modify humans. He experiments with his genetic rewriting by performing horrific and torturous experiments on innocent people just trying to survive, killing them or transforming them into mindless monsters in constant agony. When Rebel leader Xander makes a deal with Erswick to turn over his allies in exchange for Erswick curing his sister Lani's fatal disease, Erswick betrays him and instead kidnaps all four members of the rebel group, injecting them with his experimental formula. He then mocks them as they succumb to the formula's effects, with Lani burning to death from the inside and technician Brec transforming into another monster. When Xander confronts Erswick, Erswick tortures and kills him with a Tesla coil. He then commands the monster to capture the survivor, Jason, for further experimentation.

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