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YMMV / The Brotherhood of Satan

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  • Complete Monster: Doc Duncan is the leader of the titular cult of elderly men and women. For many centuries, he and his followers have been brainwashing children into joining his coven, with the intention of possessing their bodies to extend his life after killing their families with an inanimate object that he brought to life through magic. The first thing he does in the film is crush a family underneath a tank while they're in their car. Next, he uses a child's doll to kill the parents of two children before spiriting the children away. When Alice comes in to meet with the Brotherhood, he sends the spirit of their baptized grandchild to Hell before ordering his followers to beat her to death. Duncan has Mike killed as he tries to snap his son out of a trance. Once he's gathered all the children needed for the members to possess, he orders each of his followers—and himself—killed with burning swords, after which they successfully hijack the bodies of the children.

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