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  • Angst? What Angst?: There aren't many dialogue contingencies written for characters reacting to the deaths of their comrades, so many of your party members can come across as displaying this. It's particularly jarring in the post-fortress cutscene, where, if Phoebe died in the battle, Teresa will break down in tears before returning to her usual chipper, optimistic attitude in her very next line. It's also awkward with Gavrielle, who continues to crack jokes even if she just watched her brother die in front of her.
  • Anticlimax Boss:
    • Tarion. Hard Levels, Easy Bosses is generally the case throughout the campaign, but he takes the cake; it's entirely possible to kill him in one hit with a Mega Stab from your favored assassin (who is probably overleveled anyway). You're supposed to have to cut through a massive army and lower a bridge to get to him, but you can bypass that with steamthopters and adrenaline pills to take him down far earlier than you're supposed to. And once he dies, you win the battle instantly.
    • Pathos probably deserves a mention too. Though one would expect her to be a challenge due to her entourage of spirits and the fact she's a cryokineticist, she's too fragile to be anything more than a minor speedbump on the path to Tarion.
  • Demonic Spiders: The shadowling slavemasters in the final levels in the campaign. Their Terror ability inflicts a number of random status effects, potentially including stun. This wouldn't be so bad if there were only a few of them, but they are produced indefinitely by spawn points every turn. It's very easy for them to render your front line completely helpless. To make matters worse, Terror always lowers mental resistance, making Mind Blast increasingly deadly the longer you're stunlocked.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • Assassins level up quick thanks to having a natural move that doesn't end the turn and being a likely recipient for steamthopters. This means they can very quickly become extremely strong, especially with their amazing Back Stab bonuses. Many a player has oneshotted the Final Boss with Mega Stab.
    • Steamthopters, which grant flight to grounded units. Given that many missions with Instant Win Conditions try to stall you with barriers that are passable to flying units, this can make a lot of levels go a lot quicker. If you stick one on an assassin — Game Breakers in their own right — none can hide before them.
    • Adrenaline pills, which grant a small but uncapped movement bonus. It would seem the developer did not account for what would happen if players stockpiled them; popping a bunch of them at once can trivialize many missions with an Instant-Win Condition, especially combined with steamthopters.
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    • Cryokineticists are superior to the other psy fighters by almost every metric: they get both a buff and a status cure, and their status effect (which completely immobilizes an enemy for several turns) is far superior to pyrokineticists' piddling Damage Over Time or photokineticists' luck-based blinding. The only thing they really lack is range, but their area of effect attack has a unique pattern to compensate, and one that's well-suited as a panic button against a swarm of melee enemies (a psy fighter's biggest threat) at that.
  • Game-Breaking Bug:
    • There are a lot of these; the game can freeze or get stuck in an infinite loop at many points. The most notable one is probably that the game can hang if an enemy is killed by an iron jaw trap. Fortunately, the developer is pretty quick at patching these.
    • The inventory system was a complete disaster prior to version 1.035 or so; equipment could be un-equipped randomly if you used consumable items, items would disappear if you dropped and grabbed them wrong, and if items were moved in the reserve supplies screen, they could be permanently lost.
  • Goddamned Bats:
    • Assassins, due to their dodge chance and large movement range. They aren't very dangerous as long as you don't expose your back to them, but there are a lot of them and they're hard to put down. Fortunately, you only fight them in two maps in the campaign.
    • Skiakineticists. Unlike other psy fighters, their status effects stack, and in the campaign, they come in droves. If they swarm a single character, it is entirely possible to get slowed so much that movement points get knocked into the negatives, rendering them immobile. Their secondary status effect also lowers physical resistances, which can make them very dangerous if they're coupled with lots of melee units.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The way saved games work is incredibly frustrating and unintuitive. The game autosaves at the start of every new map, but there is no dedicated autosave slot — saving to a different slot just changes what slot will get overwritten the next time you win a battle. This means that if you want to be able to return to a specific battle, you have to save in a different slot every time you can — and even that's not enough, because some battles don't let you save beforehand. Fortunately, Save-Game Limits are not an issue, as there are 99 save slots.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • If Teresa or Phoebe dies in the outer wall battle, the survivor of the pair will mourn them in the next scene. It's especially heart-wrenching coming from the normally-stoic Phoebe, who vows to fulfill Teresa's desire to explore the crypts in her memory. This is also one of the few times in the campaign that characters react to their fallen comrades.
      Emma: I'm just sorry we couldn't get [Lord Dakarai] here in one piece.
      Teresa: It's okay. I just need to find the parts, and I'll be able to get him working again. The important thing is that we have him! Crucius; poor Phoebe... [She wipes away a sudden tear on her sleeve.] Don't you ever wish we could fix humans up the way we do golems, Emma?

      Emma: I'm...very sorry about your friend.
      Phoebe: Yes; Teresa. She was...brilliant, dazzlingly brilliant. And a lifelong friend. It hardly feels real.
    • After his hammy See You in Hell speech in a previous battle, Gunther's Last Words if he dies in the final battle can be quite surprising, and are all the more poignant for it.
      "So...I'm to die without having ever known happiness. Damn it all, I'm so...thirsty..."

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