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  • Draco in Leather Pants: Yung came into Ring Warriors with a baseless grudge against La Rosa Negra(and a totally elicited grudge against Sienna Duvall), but became a happy go lucky, loving caring baby face after her first match, especially on the dedicated Battling Bombshells shows...until she was wrestling La Rosa Negra, at which point she suddenly became a sadistic, brutal rule bender...who the Ring Warriors fans kept cheering on as if she was a baby face, especially the first time Yung got a title shot. It didn't help that Yung went back to being a baby face when not wrestling Negra, including in all her interactions with Negra that didn't involve wrestling her(and in fact was nicer to Negra even during matches in Ring Warriors' neighboring feds where no battling bombshells title shots occurred).
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  • Fanon Discontinuity: She has had a visible presence in the pro wrestling industry since 2007, but most fans treat 2009 as her "real" debut, ignoring the years she was an auxiliary manager and did nothing in the ring besides whatever Tasha Simone would allow. 2009 is also where one can trace the first roots of her Sanity Slippage that eventually culminated in her popular zombie gimmick in 2014. If someone brings up something before 2009 it's usually for making(more) jokes about Jerry Lawler "robbing the cradle".
  • Fashion-Victim Villain: She has a blue leopard print pair of long tights with holes cut out around the front and rear thighs, giving them the appearance of almost literally being held up by a thread, which she wore over a pair of short tights with a pants belt that is clearly is not there to hold them up. It is a memorable visual.
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  • Rooting for the Empire: Yung was viewed as a goth and thus an enemy at FEST events, where punks are the primary attendees. Still she defended the FEST title in a few promotions with crowds less conditioned to boo her on principal, as well as against a few opponents hard to buy as faces(especially Rain, given their history). As Su Yung's title reign passed the one year mark a Vocal Minority started cheering for her out of respect(though they were still very much a quickly drowned out minority).

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