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YMMV / Star Trek Voyager S 3 E 23 Displaced

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  • Fridge Logic: Another unfortunate Swiss Cheese Security incident on Voyager. Once it became apparent that the Nyrians could materialize anywhere on the ship, they might've taken much more time to lock out all the command functions early on. Then Chakotay shouldn't have had to commit any sabotage before getting whisked away.
    • But what would they do if command authority was restricted to say, Chakotay and Janeway, who were then teleported off the ship leaving Voyager's remaining crew unable to run it?
  • Narm: Ensign Lang. Deborah Levin's performance, such as it is, is already kinda wooden, but her overdramatic fall from being shot with a phaser is pretty snickerworthy. (She does, however, get one pretty good Deadpan Snarker line.)
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  • Values Resonance: Whoever worked on this script really, really had it out for gentrification and/or imperialism.
  • What an Idiot!: The scene where two Nyrians corner Tom and B'elanna, then one succumbs to the freezing cold while the other gets hit with B'elanna's nearly empty phaser. Tom and B'elanna get the hell out of there, but... they could've easily taken the Nyrians' weapons! Maybe used one to phaser a rock, so they could warm B'elanna up. (It's ultimately moot thanks to quick action from Janeway and Tuvok, but still!)

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