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"Kiss me, I'm Irish! :'C"

Rose with Teeth is the Irish musical project of Irishwoman (IWA for short) Angie "A.N.G.I.E." Sutherland, an Irish-American musician, ex-Catholic veteran, mystic, writer, and multimedia artist. The project primarily consists of angie, her guitar, and her blade.

Originally, it was formed as an experimental apocalyptic folk project, putting it especially in the vein of bands like Current 93 and Death In June, but has branched out to experiment with many other genres, including industrial and garage rock. Expect "mystical music for traumatized teens" and "Songs for Terry in Fifth Grade Who Enjoys Songs."

Her music can be found on [[ Bandcamp]].

Albums & EP's:

  • The Idols Have Been Cast Down and Rent (2018)
  • Cultus Ictus (2019)
  • Transfiguration [OUT NOW BUY IT BUY IT]
  • The Lost Rose With Teeth Album (It's Lost. You have to find it, it's taken down and now it's lost. You have to find The Lost Rose With Teeth Album.'')
  • The Album After (2020)


  • Bloody Roses (2017)
  • Bullshit War (2019)
  • Sleep Paralysis / Able Danger (2019)
  • H​*​*​*​*​*​*e (2019)

Rose with Teeth's music contains the following tropes: