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  • Inferred Holocaust: When people start turning into spider monsters and going berserk, it's constantly brought up by the characters that these are still innocent people and that they should be treated with non-lethal force. Spider-Girl, in particular, encounters The Hand, The Hobgoblin and a whole slew of anti-Spider cultists killing scores of people-turned-monsters indiscriminately, and throughout the entire arc it's implied several times that a lot of innocents were killed while under the control of the Queen.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap:
    • Used for the first time since The Clone Saga, readers have apparently forgiven the Jackal enough for that fiasco to let him be a respectable villain again.
    • Kaine is this, due to his actions here. He uses his new Spidey suit to cancel out the Queen's sonic scream, and his new stingers to do what Peter Parker never would, and end the Queen's life when Peter manages to weaken her, while declaring to all wondering who he is that "I am Kaine!" And before Madame Web can claim that clearly he was the Spider-Man she foretold would save the world from this threat, Kaine states says everyone that he only could do it wearing a suit Spidey made, using a move Spidey perfected, at a moment that Spider-Man created for him. As far as Kaine is concerned, as well as everyone else, the one who is responsible for the Queen's defeat is the one and only Amazing Spider-Man. The Scrappy removal was prominent enough that he managed to get a new Scarlet Spider series.
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  • Take That, Scrappy!: This whole comic was an exercise of this for Carlie Cooper. While at first it seems like more of the same— Carlie gets to have sex with Peter, she gets Spider-Powers while Mary Jane doesn't, and gets to be a "super awesome" fighter to complete the Character Shilling... only for her to promptly get her butt handed to her in a fight, turn into a giant spider with the rest of the hapless citizens of New York, and see the day end up saved largely by MJ who gets Spider-Powers without turning into a giant spider. The comic ends with some Peter and MJ Ship Tease of the highest order. On top of that, Peter forgets about Carlie's predicament, leaving her naked and embarrassed in the middle of New York. And then the already rejoicing fandom cheered louder when they broke up right after this.

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