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Headscratchers / Spider-Island

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  • How does the Jackal know that Peter Parker is Spider-Man? The Spell we saw being cast in OMIT was supposed to remove all traces of Peter Parker being Spider-Man and make people unable to reach that conclusion on their own. The only people who should know were Peter (and his clones) and MJ.
    • Probably because of his cloning work.
  • Why does the cure derived from Anti-Venom only revert Kaine back to human form (and even fix his Clone Degeneration problem along the way), while his powers (including newly acquired spikes in the wrists) are left intact? It's repeatedly stated that Anti-Venom's symbiote is able to "purge" Spider-Man from his mutation (that it perceives as disease), effectively stripping him from his powers.
    • Best guess would be that the cure works by reverting the changes of the mutations and bringing them back to their normal default state, while Kaine was cloned from Spider-Man after he got his powers so his default state that he was born with includes the powers.

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