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  • The final scene of Amazing Spider-Man #672. After working together to save the world, Peter and Mary Jane take a moment to watch over New York City.
    Peter: Look at 'em, MJ. A whole city. And they all walked a mile in my shoes.
    MJ: No. Just the wall-crawling parts. Everything that really matters is still right here, tiger.
  • One of the side stories features a little girl using her newfound spider powers to save her parents from a pair of wannabe supervillains trying to rob them (by beating the crap out of them spectacularly). One of the crooks bitterly claims that power corrupts, leading the girl to fear that she's going to become a bad person because she has superpowers. Her father isn't hearing a word of it, though, and instead comforts her: telling her that the fact that she respects right and wrong so much means that she knows something most adults never learn - that With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility - and that he's proud of her.
    • In fact, much of the issue that story is in is full of heartwarming side stories: another one has an overworked mother using her new powers to save her daughter from falling out a window, daydreaming about how she can use her powers to make their lives better, then beating the ever-loving crap out of a creepy old man pretending to be Spider-Man to get her kids to trust him.
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  • In the end, New York shows its gratitude to Spider-Man by lighting up the Empire State Building in red and blue lights. The effect is doubled due to the fact that it was J. Jonah Jameson who made the call for the tribute and for once recognized Spider-Man as a hero.
  • Mixed with Tear Jerker, Harrison Thompson's last letter to Flash. The whole letter is all about how much he loves him, is proud of him for never giving up, And how sorry he is for being a terrible dad.
  • This far and NOBODY talks about what Eddie did? He had the cure to the city and was willing to give it up all for the sake of just trying to redeem himself for what he did as Venom. However there's a catch. What is it? His Anti-Venom suit dies and can't come back.

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