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YMMV / South Park S 4 E 2 Cartmans Silly Hate Crime 2000

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  • Harsher in Hindsight: Quite a few examples.
    • When Cartman threw the rock at Token, it wasn't under racist intentions. Come Season 17, Cartman would shoot Token, with actual racist intentions.
    • Butters spouts very misogynistic statements in this episode but is otherwise only sexist in "Lice Capades", and even then it was only a throwaway remark. Come Season 20, he becomes a misogynist.
    • Kyle and the others point out how the term "Hate Crime" is being used far too liberally. In the Season 19 premier, Kyle would find himself on the receiving end of the clearest definition of a hate crime (ironically from people who would be against such things if they bothered to find out about Kyle's Judaism).
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  • Hollywood Pudgy: Clyde is said to be the second fattest kid despite appearing as the same size as the others.


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