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YMMV / Sitting Ducks

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  • Moment of Awesome: In the episode, Duck Lover, Aldo's alligator co-workers find out he's friends with ducks and tease him relentlessly about it. It's even worse in Duck Town because the ducks now see him as a sideshow attraction and don't take him seriously anymore. Upset, Aldo runs away to learn a lesson about belonging from a wise llama. Meanwhile, Bill finds out Aldo's co-workers are going to raid Duck Town. He gathers everyone and prepares them to attack...but they all run away as soon as the alligators come. Then Aldo comes to confront the alligators.
    Aldo: I was born a gator! That's who I am!
    Alligator: Prove it! Eat the duck! *Shoves Bill in Aldo's hand*
    *Aldo does nothing...*
    Alligator: Do it!
    Random Duck: Eat the duck! *everyone gasps*
    Aldo: You didn't let me finish. I was born a gator, and nature is nature, but if you spent anytime getting to know these ducks, you wouldn't be so quick to eat them. *a duck quacks; Aldo roars* And you ducks have to respect me because I am a predator! And I'm proud of my alligator roots! *to the alligators* Now go home! This is over! *The alligators push Aldo aside, but stop when they see all of Duck Town armed to the bills and glaring at them.* That means EVERYBODY!!!!
    *The alligators grumble as they leave.*
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  • Ho Yay: Averted! The unnamed duck and alligator that Bill and Aldo are based on actually sleep in the same bed and go out on dinner dates in the book. But of course as this was a cartoon marketed to children, they had to tone the gay back quite a bit, to the point where there wasn't a trace of it in the series. As a result, Bill and Aldo are just two guys who have a very close, physical relationship. One that is scorned by many as being "wrong" or "unnatural". One where people are constantly trying to break them up and make them behave "normally". One where one group of people feels threatened by it and the other group feels disgusted by it. In fact, the pressure is so great that both of them even keep it a secret from their families and wear masks to better keep the charade and wait a minute.
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  • Ear Worm: The opening theme music.
  • Nightmare Fuel: At any moment, a duck could get eaten by an alligator off-screen.
    • In 'Aldo the Duck', Aldo's urge to eat duck strikes back, leading him to becoming afraid of eating Bill. So, he goes to Cecil's who gives him duck hormone patches to suppress the urges, but warns him of possible side effects. Aldo, believing he needs big doses due to his big body, overdoses the hormones and slowly begins to turn into a duck. He starts eating duck food, feathers start popping out, he becomes afraid of alligators his snout turns into a duck bill, and when Bill and Cecil remove all the patches before he turns into a duck permanently, he regresses into a primal duck and starts quacking and flapping his arms like they were wings. Finally, his body is able to rid itself of the hormones by making Aldo explode in a shower of feathers (he's actually back to normal, but still.
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    • The urban legend of Swampwood, Quack the Ripper. A demon duck who lives in the sewers and only comes out at night to eat alligators. All of Swampwood is afraid of him, legend or not.

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