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  • Complete Monster: Overlord Cinnibar Brenneka, also known as The Creator and The Destroyer, was once the noble founder of the Shakara Federation, lifting it up out of an age of barbarism to spread his sense of order and justice throughout the universe with his Avengers. When he felt the Shakara themselves had become too complacent and decadent, he embraced a nihilistic ethos unconcerned with notions of morality. He betrayed his species and formed the Hierarchy by uniting all the enemies of the Shakara against them, wiping out his brethren with a bioweapon known as the Red Death before blowing up his homeworld. Then he plunged the universe back into a dark age known as The Terror, giving his evil acolytes free reign to indulge in murder, torture, xenocide, wanton warfare, slavery, mind control, feeding on inhabited worlds, and wiping out entire civilizations. Brenneka orders his servants to collect the lost artifacts of the Shakara, in particular the Infinity Engine, a galaxy-sized device through which they can expand their empire to other dimensions. In fact, the device is really the God Engine, a Doomsday Device that will wipe out all of reality so that Brenneka can rule over a new one as God. When his allies find this out, he slaughters all of them while laughing maniacally at the notion that any lesser being can hurt a Sufficiently Advanced Alien like him. Responsible for trillions of deaths, Brenneka went from the greatest force of good in the universe to the greatest force of evil with his megalomaniacal quest for godhood.
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  • Shocking Moments: The comic opens with the Earth being destroyed, and only gets more insane from there.

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